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Stories in Fitness

Starting Your Child in Sports: Just Do it!

March 20 | Comments | Fitness, Self-Improvement

Tuning in to your kids’ unique interests at any age will help you find the sports that will reward them with a lifetime of healthy habits. Sports medicine specialist Dr. Jon Sulentic and athletic trainer Justin Perkins cover the mind-body-social benefits of starting sports early, how to choose, and...

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The Promise and Perils of Fad Diets

February 28 | Comments | Fitness, Self-Improvement, Nutrition

If you’re thinking about jumping into a quick-fix fad diet because you heard a friend of a friend lost a lot of weight on it, hold that thought. Set yourself up for success. Join Dr. Joe Northup and nutritionist Diana Weathers on this Premier Health Now On-Air podcast to learn how to spot which...

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‘This I Resolve’: Step by Step to a Healthier 2019

12/31/2018 | Comments | Fitness, Self-Improvement, Nutrition, Emotional Health, Sleep

Despite good intentions, many New Year’s resolutions – like losing weight, eating better, getting fit and quitting cigarettes – don’t survive the year. Often that’s because resolutions are unrealistic. And so general you can’t get your arms or mind around them.Dale Block, MD, of Premier Family Care...

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The One Healthy Step Smart Guys Never Skip

6/25/2018 | Comments | Heart, Fitness, Illness, Cancer, Emotional Health, Sleep

At any age, men can do their older selves a huge favor by taking one smart step now: making time once a year for a checkup with their primary care provider. Dr. Aaron Block, family physician, and Dr. Douglas Gaker, urologist, review the health issues that can trip up men as they age – and how every...

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Should You Drink Alkaline Water Like LeBron?

5/1/2018 | Comments | Fitness, Nutrition

To quench your thirst after working out or mowing the lawn, any kind of H2O will do. Water is water. Right? You may have your doubts, though, if you’ve noticed NBA stars’ current obsession with alkaline water. The players — like LeBron James — are raving about the supposed superior hydration and...

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Fight's Off Due to a Popular MMA Fighter's Extreme Weight Loss Routine

4/6/2018 | Comments | Fitness

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters are notorious not only for their toughness, but also for their grueling training regimens that allow them to compete with the very best in their sport. Fighter Max Holloway recently made news when it was revealed he was taking extreme measures to rapidly lose...

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Greater Fitness Means Lower Dementia Risk in Women, Study Says

3/28/2018 | Comments | Fitness, Brain Health

It’s no surprise that being fit is good for mind and body, but USA Today reported on a Swedish study of middle-aged women that shows just how important it is to achieve a high level of fitness. Using research spanning more than 40 years, scientists concluded that women with higher fitness...

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Could Some Protein Powders be Hazardous to Your Health?

3/22/2018 | Comments | Fitness, Nutrition

Protein powders have become a dietary staple for many people trying to build muscle, lose weight or get sufficient nutrition on the go. But are consumers getting more ingredients than they bargained for?  Consumer Reports recently covered a study of protein powders by the non-profit Clean...

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Tim McGraw's Concert Collapse Spotlights Proper Hydration

3/16/2018 | Comments | Fitness, Nutrition

When it comes to maintaining our overall health, it could be argued that we largely underestimate and overlook the importance of routine water consumption, even though a significant portion of our body is made up of the stuff. Paying closer attention to how much water we drink is important since it...

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'Is That a Tattoo?' Therapeutic Tape Grabs the Olympic Spotlight

2/19/2018 | Comments | Fitness

United States figure skater Mirai Nagasu recently made international headlines when she became the third woman in history to land a triple axel in Olympic competition. At the same time, Nagasu, who is competing at the 2018 games in PyeongChang, South Korea, was also gaining attention for a thin...

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Going for Gold! Smart Strategies for Winter Sport Success

2/8/2018 | Comments | Safety, Fitness

Do the Winter Olympics inspire you try a new winter sport – or aim higher in one you already pursue? Learn how to adapt the mental and physical strategies of high-performance athletes to reach your personal best. Listen in with sports medicine specialist Dr. Jeffrey James and Human Performance...

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Resolve to be Healthy this Winter

1/22/2018 | Comments | Safety, Fitness, Nutrition

Premier Health physicians Anessa Alappatt, MD and Jon Sulentic, DO, discuss strategies for a safer, healthier winter season from exercise and healthy eating for weight loss to cold weather safety.  

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Male Infertility from Pain Pills?

1/19/2018 | Comments | Pregnancy, Fitness, Pain

Athletes and others who exercise intensely often use over-the-counter pain medications to control their aches and pains. But according to a new study, ibuprofen – in doses commonly taken by athletes – can lower fertility in men. What should regular ibuprofen users make of this news, which was...

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LeBron James Heals Himself by Standing Still

11/13/2017 | Comments | Fitness

It’s no secret that basketball superstar LeBron James is a popular draw on social media, but you might be surprised to know that his most recent viral video doesn’t feature a spectacular dunk, pass or shot. Instead, over 3.2 million Instagram viewers have watched James balance himself on two...

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'Overfat' Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

8/10/2017 | 0 Comments | Fitness, Nutrition

Could your level of body fat say more about your overall health than your body mass index (BMI) or even your weight? CNN recently reported on a condition researchers call “overfat” that describes a harmful amount of fat in your body, particularly in your belly — even if you have a healthy...

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Jumping to Conclusions? Or is Trampoline Alert On Target?

7/26/2017 | 3 Comments | Parenting, Fitness

The gush of warnings began shortly after a Florida mom posted a pic of her tearful toddler. He broke his leg on a trampoline and is in a waist-to-ankle cast for six weeks. “Think again before letting your kid on a trampoline,” warned one online report. “Our lives have been turned upside down,” the...

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Did You See Those Legs?

7/20/2017 | 0 Comments | Fitness

The bulging veins of Tour de France cyclist Paweł Poljański's legs recently made for an eye-popping, viral photo. This image grabbed the attention of Premier Health Now — and probably of most anyone used to pedaling far less grueling distances than the Tour’s 3,540 kilometers. Health Now asked Jon...

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Alert: Beware Harmful Ingredients in Bodybuilding Supplements

6/29/2017 | 0 Comments | Fitness, Nutrition

The bodybuilding supplement you’re relying on to enhance your strength and muscle mass may contain an ingredient that’s hazardous to your health. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released a consumer alert that products containing anabolic steroids (synthetic testosterone) or...

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Worrisome Trend: Diseases of Aging Strike Young

4/6/2017 | 0 Comments | Fitness, Illness, Cancer

More people under age 65 are diagnosed with arthritis, colon cancer and stroke — conditions once thought to be the domain of older adults.  What’s going on? Premier Health Now talked with Mark Williams, MD, Beavercreek Family Medicine, to find out. “We don't know the absolute scientific...

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Marathons May Damage Your Kidneys - Temporarily

4/6/2017 | 0 Comments | Fitness

Rather than being cause for alarm, new research findings that marathon runners develop temporary kidney damage during a race may confirm your body’s resiliency. To learn more, Premier Health Now talked with marathon runner Joshua Ordway, MD, Franklin Family Practice. He says that hydration and...

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Arthritis - Not Just for Seniors Anymore

4/3/2017 | 0 Comments | Fitness, Pain

Think arthritis is strictly an old person’s ailment?  Think again, according to a recent report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The CDC Vital Signs report says that about 54.4 million American adults have been diagnosed with the painful joint...

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Be It Resolved: Weekend-Only Exercise Counts

1/20/2017 | 0 Comments | Fitness, Self-Improvement

Are weekday work and family obligations crowding out your New Year’s resolution to exercise regularly?If weekends seem to be your only chance for physical activity, you’re not alone. And you’re not out of luck.At least according to a study recently published in JAMA Internal Medicine.Subjects of the...

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Turn Your New Year's Fitness Resolution into a Habit

1/13/2017 | 0 Comments | Fitness, Self-Improvement

If your New Year’s resolution includes the phrases “exercise more” and “lose weight,” you are among the more than 25 percent of Americans who made resolutions that take aim at getting fit.To boost the odds of achieving your goal, Premier Health Now talked with Joshua Ordway, MD, Franklin Family...

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