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Stories in Brain Health

Reviving a Dead Brain? Really?

April 23 | Comments | Brain Health

It sounds like a sci-fi movie. Last week Yale researchers revealed their ability to suspend cell death and revive some basic cell function in the brains of pigs four hours after they died. Their groundbreaking findings are raising plenty of eyebrows. Premier Health Now looked to...

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Brain Aneurysms: Game Of Thrones Actress’ Toughest Battle

April 12 | Comments | Celebrities, Brain Health

She’s known by millions of fans as the strong and powerful Mother of Dragons on the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. Yet during the first half of filming, Emilia Clarke was “deeply unsure of herself” as she battled to recover from two brain aneurysms.  This week — in the lead-up to the...

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Brain Cyst a Factor in Urban Meyer’s Retirement

12/4/2018 | Comments | Brain Health

The rumors about Ohio State Buckeyes football coach Urban Meyer’s early retirement proved to be true. The winning coach cited his health and family as his number one reason for stepping away from a job he loves. Completing his seventh season at OSU, Coach Meyer recently revealed he suffers...

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Football Death a Wake-Up Call for Player Safety

10/8/2018 | Comments | Safety, Parenting, Brain Health

The tragic story of a Georgia high school football player’s death after collapsing during a game reawakens every parent’s fears about a fatal head injury during contact sports. Premier Health Now asked Jeffrey James, DO, of Premier Orthopedics, to offer perspective and advice on what to do to...

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New Study Finds Brain Injury Doubles Suicide Risk

8/19/2018 | Comments | Brain Health

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a car accident, sports injury or other blow to the head can have far more than physical consequences. A study recently published in the medical journal JAMA finds that those who have suffered TBI have nearly double the risk of suicide, compared to the general...

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Study Linking Digital Media Habits with ADHD Draws Attention

8/2/2018 | Comments | Brain Health

Is there a link between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and digital media consumption? A recently released study of more than 2,500 high school students has generated a lot of interest as it sought to determine an answer. Researchers spent two years examining the digital media...

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Game Over? World Health Organization Weighs in on Video Game Addiction

6/23/2018 | Comments | Brain Health, Technology, Emotional Health

As video game technology has evolved, its realistic graphics and complex story lines provide an entertaining diversion for the millions who enjoy it. However, gaming’s popularity has also drawn many even deeper into a virtual universe they might find increasingly difficult to leave. As Premier...

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Why the Latest Stroke Treatment Depends on You

6/18/2018 | Comments | Illness, Brain Health, Technology

Even with major advances in stroke treatment and research, good outcomes depend on getting fast help for a stroke victim. Neuroscience specialists Dr. Bryan Ludwig and Dr. John Terry share the life-changing progress in stroke treatment and how you can diagnose a stroke with more than 90 percent...

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You’re Ready If Summer Fun Takes a Painful Turn

5/22/2018 | Comments | Safety, Pain, Brain Health

Summer’s all fun and games – until somebody gets hurt. But you can be prepared by brushing up on what’s serious and what’s not—and what to do next. Orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Dr. Michael Griesser preps you for managing the cuts, breaks and concussions that can come with summer...

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Pitcher's Duel: Big League Player Battles Aneurysm

5/1/2018 | Comments | Brain Health

On April 20, Chicago White Sox relief pitcher Danny Farquhar had no idea he was approaching his toughest opponent ever as he walked towards the dugout in the middle of the sixth inning against the Houston Astros. Once there, Farquhar would suddenly become ill and pass out as medical staff...

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Greater Fitness Means Lower Dementia Risk in Women, Study Says

3/28/2018 | Comments | Fitness, Brain Health

It’s no surprise that being fit is good for mind and body, but USA Today reported on a Swedish study of middle-aged women that shows just how important it is to achieve a high level of fitness. Using research spanning more than 40 years, scientists concluded that women with higher fitness...

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New Guidelines Buy Time for Some Stroke Patients

2/16/2018 | Comments | Brain Health

When you notice signs of a stroke coming on, dialing 9-1-1 for immediate medical care is still the order of the day. But for some stroke patients, according to newly published guidelines, the narrow window of time for effective stroke treatment may be a little wider than previously...

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Neil Diamond’s Parkinson’s Diagnosis May Lead to Brighter Future

1/26/2018 | Comments | Celebrities, Brain Health

The career of legendary singer and recording artist Neil Diamond has spanned nearly seven decades and garnered numerous awards. Just last week it was announced that The Recording Academy will be presenting him with its prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award this summer. However, this honor has been...

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Can't Stop Gaming? Soon It Will Be a Mental Health Condition

1/8/2018 | Comments | Brain Health, Technology, Emotional Health

“Gaming disorder,” an obsessive playing of video games that impairs personal, social, academic or occupational functioning, is likely to be recognized soon as its own mental health condition.  CNN recently reported that the World Health Organization (WHO) has drafted a definition of...

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Does Binge-Watching Do 'Stranger Things' to Your Brain

11/20/2017 | Comments | Self-Improvement, Brain Health

You can’t wait to watch the entire second season of “Stranger Things” on your next free weekend. The instant gratification of immersing yourself in the science fiction thriller will be enormous. But does your brain — or your emotions — pay a price? Premier Health Now asked neuropsychologist Fadi...

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High Blood Pressure: What a Difference a Day Makes

11/16/2017 | Comments | Heart, Brain Health

The American Heart Association issued new guidelines this week regarding who — and who doesn’t — have high blood pressure (HBP). That means millions of Americans woke to a diagnosis of HBP that they didn’t have when they went to bed the night before. HBP, which can lead to stroke, heart...

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Dodging Dementia With Clot-Blocking Blood Thinners

11/10/2017 | Comments | Heart, Brain Health

People with atrial fibrillation (AFib) who are treated with blood thinners are less likely to develop dementia compared to AFib patients who don’t take blood thinners. This, according to results of a new study reported by The Guardian. AFib, an irregular heartbeat, can lead to blood clots and...

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Could Concussions Deliver a Harder Hit to Girls?

10/28/2017 | Comments | Safety, Parenting, Brain Health

Twenty-eight days after sustaining a concussion, half of young female athletes still complained of symptoms. Yet that number dropped to just 11 days for young male athletes. This according to results of a study reported this month by Reuters.  What does this news mean for parents? To...

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The SAD Effects of Shorter Days

10/19/2017 | Comments | Illness, Brain Health

As days get shorter, sunlight dwindles and skies turn grey, does your mood seem to take a downcast turn, too? If so, you could have a condition called seasonal affective disorder – known by its apt acronym, SAD. To learn more about SAD, its symptoms and how to treat it, Premier Health Now recently...

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Study Raises Hope for Alzheimer's Diagnosis

9/15/2017 | Comments | Illness, Brain Health

Recently, an experimental blood test showed a high rate of accuracy in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease, in a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  What does this mean in the quest to better understand, treat and prevent Alzheimer’s, the most...

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