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Stories from May 2019

Beware Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Generators After Storms

May 30 | Comments | Safety

One aftermath of recent storms in the Dayton area is an uptick in carbon monoxide poisoning, according to recent news reports. Emergency department physician Randy Marriott, MD, medical director of Premier Health’s EMS Center of Excellence, has witnessed the increase. Premier Health Now asked him...

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Heading To the Pool? Urine For a Surprise

May 24 | Comments | Safety

As the weather warms up and signals the end of another school year, summertime rituals begin to kick into high gear. For many families, those annual traditions will include multiple trips to their local swimming pool. Do you know how safe your local swimming pool’s water actually is? It may be...

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Why Pregnancy-Related Deaths Are On the Rise

May 21 | Comments | Pregnancy

More women are dying from pregnancy-related deaths in this generation than their mothers’ generation, according to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And three out of five of those deaths are preventable. This alarming trend is occurring despite medical...

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Despite Studies, Sunscreen Still Good Protection

May 21 | Comments | Cancer

Sunscreen is a leading line of defense, second to clothing, against the sun’s harmful, cancer-causing rays. But recent headlines put a chink, or a little doubt, in this UV-blocking armor. A small study, published in the medical journal JAMA and conducted by the Center for Drug Evaluation and...

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First Things to Know to Give First Aid

May 16 | Comments | Safety, Illness, Pain

Knowing what to do and what NOT to do in an emergency can mean the difference between helping or making an injury worse. Brush up on the basics, challenge what you think you know, and learn what family health information should be in your First Aid kit. Join Family Nurse Practitioner Jeff Penny on...

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Meatless Fast Food: A Whopper Of a Trend

May 7 | Comments | Nutrition

When Wendy’s restaurants famously asked, “Where’s the beef?”, who could have anticipated that a generation of hungry consumers would start asking where it isn’t? Last month, Burger King began test marketing a vegetarian burger in a limited number of its franchises. The response was more than...

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Maternity Mystery: 11 Miami Valley Hospital Nurses Pregnant At Once

May 7 | Comments | Pregnancy

Eleven nurses who work in Miami Valley Hospital’s labor and delivery department are pregnant. It’s a story so unusual, it’s making local and national headlines. What’s the science behind the phenomenon? Premier Health Now looked to OB/GYN Stephen Guy, MD with Women’s Health...

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