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Stories from April 2019

Reviving a Dead Brain? Really?

April 23 | Comments | Brain Health

It sounds like a sci-fi movie. Last week Yale researchers revealed their ability to suspend cell death and revive some basic cell function in the brains of pigs four hours after they died. Their groundbreaking findings are raising plenty of eyebrows. Premier Health Now looked to...

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Safety Strategies for Your Kids Online

April 16 | Comments | Safety, Technology

Kids today are fearless digital natives whose world has always been internet-ready. But they don’t have your life experience to make the best decisions online. You can help them explore safely by staying a step ahead of them with these strategies, resources and watch-outs. Join Dr. Michael Barrow...

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Brain Aneurysms: Game Of Thrones Actress’ Toughest Battle

April 12 | Comments | Celebrities, Brain Health

She’s known by millions of fans as the strong and powerful Mother of Dragons on the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. Yet during the first half of filming, Emilia Clarke was “deeply unsure of herself” as she battled to recover from two brain aneurysms.  This week — in the lead-up to the...

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Can Taxes Reduce the Sweet Allure of Sugary Drinks?

April 8 | Comments | Nutrition

Sugary drinks lure us with their sweetness. Then sock us with calories that often bring on weight gain and health threats like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. What’s the answer to reducing this risk and our intake of sodas, sports drinks, and juice? One approach: recent...

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Woman’s Double Uterus Produces Two Births, Three Babies a Month Apart

April 8 | Comments | Pregnancy

Twenty six days after a Bangladeshi woman with a double uterus gave birth to a healthy baby boy, she went to another hospital with stomach pains and delivered healthy twins by C-section. Premier Health Now asked David McKenna, MD, maternal-fetal medicine specialist with Perinatal Partners in...

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Younger, Healthier Heart Patients May Bypass Open-Heart Surgery

April 6 | Comments | Heart, Celebrities

Rolling Stones fans in North America are disappointed that the legendary band is postponing their upcoming tour due to Mick Jagger’s heart valve replacement surgery. The 75-year-old superstar is recovering from a minimally invasive procedure called TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement),...

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