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Stories from September 2018

Keep Baby Safe: Avoid Infant Walkers

9/26/2018 | Comments | Safety, Parenting

Infant walkers are unsafe and should not be used. That’s the message — again — from the American Academy of Pediatrics as a new study reveals more than 2,000 babies a year are treated for walker-related injuries in hospital emergency rooms. To understand why the nation’s pediatricians want a...

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How Immunotherapy Cues Your Body to Fight Cancer

9/25/2018 | Comments | Cancer

The latest revolution in cancer treatment is an inside job – mobilizing your own immune system. Immunotherapy helps your body recognize cancer cells as the invaders they are and stop them – like the way your body protects you from invading viruses and bacteria. It’s proving successful in some lung...

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Cutting Through the Fog: Vaping Harms Teens

9/24/2018 | Comments | Safety, Parenting

E-cigarettes used for vaping were “initially designed as an off-ramp for smokers to get off cigarettes,” says Michael Barrow, MD, of Premier Health Family Care – North. Now they’re increasingly becoming “an on-ramp for people who wouldn’t normally get involved” in vaping – particularly middle and...

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Vampire Facials: Is the Reward Worth The Risk?

9/20/2018 | Comments | Safety

Even though pursuing a more youthful look may be worth the great sacrifice and even greater expense, it could put your health at risk. Unfortunately, this was the case when patrons of a New Mexico health salon were recently told they needed to be tested for HIV and hepatitis after receiving...

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Aspirin’s Groundbreaking News: May Do More Harm Than Good

9/19/2018 | Comments | Heart

Millions of older adults take a daily low-dose aspirin to help prevent heart attack and stroke. But according to three recent studies, the aspirin could be doing more harm than good. Premier Health Now asked Mukul Chandra, MD, from Premier Cardiovascular Institute about the findings and if...

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7 Tips to Reduce Germs at Airport Security

9/10/2018 | Comments | Colds, Flu, Illness

When you’re hustling through airport security, you’re focused on following instructions and organizing your belongings – and possibly those of your children – so they quickly pass through the X-ray scanner. “Everything is so fast-moving that most of us are not thinking in those moments about...

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