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Stories from July 2018

‘Sober’ No More: Demi Lovato’s Struggle with Addiction and Depression

7/27/2018 | Comments | Celebrities, Emotional Health

Thankfully, singer Demi Lovato survived an apparent drug overdose after she was reportedly revived at her Los Angeles home. Lovato has been open about her struggles with substance abuse and mental health issues, including an eating disorder and bipolar disorder, with its manic and depressive...

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Why You and Goldfish Need to Call It Quits – For Now

7/27/2018 | Comments | Illness, Nutrition

Toddlers call them “fishies.” But you can call them “temporarily unavailable.” This week Pepperidge Farm issued a recall of four types of Goldfish crackers because they contain whey powder that may be contaminated with salmonella bacteria. Several varieties of Ritz crackers are also included on...

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How to Calm Irritated Summer Skin

7/25/2018 | Comments | Safety, Illness

Don’t just hope to ease through summer without a scratch. Here are do-it-yourself strategies to prevent or soothe summer-irritated skin. Learn the first, most important step to take if you think you’ve tangled with poison ivy, and discover how charcoal can take the bite out of summer itchiness. Join...

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Why Are Heart Attacks Rising in Pregnant Women?

7/23/2018 | Comments | Heart, Pregnancy

The number of women having heart attacks during pregnancy or within two months after delivery rose 25 percent in the 12 years (2002-2014) of a recently released NYU School of Medicine study.  What’s going on?  Mukul Chandra, MD, of Miami Valley Cardiologists, assures Premier Health Now...

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What’s in Your Suitcase? Must-Haves for a Healthy Vacation

7/20/2018 | Comments | Safety

Being sick or hurt is no vacation. So expect the best but plan for the worst with these tips to help your summer travel remain safe, healthy and fun from start to finish. Learn how to keep bugs at bay with picaridin, why a “boo-boo kit” may not be enough and what to know about your vaccines – even...

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Perils of Fish Pedicures…and Other Foot Notes

7/12/2018 | Comments | Safety

It’s not your typical pedicure: Immerse your feet in a tub of water, as small Garra rufa fish imported from the Middle East nibble on your dead skin. A “fish pedicure” purportedly relaxes you and leaves your feet feeling softer and smoother, but several medical authorities question their...

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Lap-riding on a Slide Unsafe for Children

7/3/2018 | Comments | Safety, Parenting

There’s a growing awareness about slide safety that every parent of a young child needs to know: Mom and Dad should not go down a slide with a child on their lap. To understand the dangers of this seemingly harmless activity, Premier Health Now talked with Michael Griesser, MD, an orthopedic...

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Death of Teen From Toxic Shock Syndrome Raises Concern

7/2/2018 | Comments | Illness

The death of 16-year-old Canadian Sara Manitoski in March 2017 was the result of toxic shock syndrome (TSS), according to the just-released coroner’s report. She died while on a school camping trip after complaining of menstrual cramps and not feeling well. She was wearing a tampon at the time of...

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