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Stories from May 2018

You’re Ready If Summer Fun Takes a Painful Turn

5/22/2018 | Comments | Safety, Pain, Brain Health

Summer’s all fun and games – until somebody gets hurt. But you can be prepared by brushing up on what’s serious and what’s not—and what to do next. Orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Dr. Michael Griesser preps you for managing the cuts, breaks and concussions that can come with summer...

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Mixed Signals: What Did You Hear?

5/18/2018 | Comments | Hearing

Did you hear Yanny or Laurel? That’s the first question Premier Health Now asked Fadi Tayim, PhD, Division Chief of Neuropsychology with the Premier Health Clinical Neuroscience Institute. But more than wanting to know what he heard when he clicked on the audio clip that’s...

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Eyelash Extensions Can Be Breeding Grounds for Mites

5/16/2018 | Comments | Safety

Eyelash extensions provide the long luscious lashes many women dream of — yet this hot beauty trend could have a downside if you’re not careful: mite infestations. Eye surgeons are issuing warnings about fake eyelash applications after several women in Orlando sought treatment for painful...

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Cause & Effect? A Closer Look at Fortnite and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

5/16/2018 | Comments | Celebrities, Pain

When Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price experienced numbness in his throwing hand, few may have imagined the discussion that would soon follow would center on a video game instead of a baseball diamond. However, Price’s eventual diagnosis with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) left some wondering if...

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America's Loneliness Epidemic: Are You Responsible?

5/9/2018 | Comments | Relationships, Parenting, Emotional Health

Last year the U.S. Surgeon General raised eyebrows by announcing a loneliness epidemic throughout the world. But results of a recent survey by health insurer Cigna may silence the doubters. Of the 20,000 Americans who responded to the survey, nearly half indicated they sometimes or always feel...

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Endometriosis: Even Stars Need Help to Manage Pain and Fertility

5/7/2018 | Comments | Celebrities, Pregnancy, Illness

As more celebrities share personal stories about their struggles with endometriosis, the condition is becoming less mysterious. Singer Halsey, 23, is the most recent personality to disclose how she is managing the disorder.  Yet many women still struggle for months — and sometimes years —...

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Ready. Set. GO for Warm Weather!

5/4/2018 | Comments | Safety

When days turn sunny and warm, it’s tempting to jump in with everything you’ve got. But to enjoy ALL of the warm weather ahead, try these tips to ease in – including how bug spray for your clothes can keep pesky biters at bay. Join primary care physician Dr. Matthew Stone on this Premier Health Now...

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Should You Drink Alkaline Water Like LeBron?

5/1/2018 | Comments | Fitness, Nutrition

To quench your thirst after working out or mowing the lawn, any kind of H2O will do. Water is water. Right? You may have your doubts, though, if you’ve noticed NBA stars’ current obsession with alkaline water. The players — like LeBron James — are raving about the supposed superior hydration and...

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Pitcher's Duel: Big League Player Battles Aneurysm

5/1/2018 | Comments | Brain Health

On April 20, Chicago White Sox relief pitcher Danny Farquhar had no idea he was approaching his toughest opponent ever as he walked towards the dugout in the middle of the sixth inning against the Houston Astros. Once there, Farquhar would suddenly become ill and pass out as medical staff...

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