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Stories from April 2018

New Study: Why Breast Cancer Can Spread After Surgery

4/24/2018 | Comments | Cancer

A new study establishing a link between inflammation and tumor cells raises questions about cancer cells that may survive after breast cancer surgery. As reported by ABC News, the study conducted with mice puts forth the idea that the immune system is so busy healing inflammation at the surgical...

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Do Tumor Markers Mean Shannen Doherty's Breast Cancer Returned?

4/24/2018 | Comments | Cancer

Although 47-year-old actress Shannen Doherty is understandably anxious after learning that some of her tumor markers were elevated after a recent blood test, it doesn’t necessarily mean her breast cancer has returned. Doherty, who is currently in remission, made the announcement via Instagram...

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New Shingles Vaccine Shares Spotlight with ‘Hamilton’

4/16/2018 | Comments | Illness

Broadway composer and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, who gave Alexander Hamilton a much celebrated encore, also brought the viral disease shingles back in the spotlight with a couple of recent tweets. His tweets about having shingles and quarantining himself in his parents’ home, to protect his and...

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Fight's Off Due to a Popular MMA Fighter's Extreme Weight Loss Routine

4/6/2018 | Comments | Fitness

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters are notorious not only for their toughness, but also for their grueling training regimens that allow them to compete with the very best in their sport. Fighter Max Holloway recently made news when it was revealed he was taking extreme measures to rapidly lose...

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