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Stories from February 2018

Tech Giants Race to Develop Pain-Free Device to Monitor Blood Sugar

2/20/2018 | Comments | Technology

Patients with diabetes currently have the ability to use devices known as continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) to keep constant tabs on their blood sugar levels, but these also require embedding a needle underneath the skin. However, a new non-invasive technology is emerging that will allow...

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Another School Shooting: Don't Run From the Difficult Conversation

2/20/2018 | Comments | Parenting, Emotional Health

When a school shooting like the one in Parkland, Florida, saturates the airwaves, it naturally creates anxiety in kids. And in parents. It can be tempting to deal with the anxiety by avoiding the topic. But that would be a mistake, says psychiatrist Mark Casdorph, DO, with Upper Valley Outpatient...

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Winter Bugs Love a Crowd. Here's How to Steer Clear

2/19/2018 | Comments | Colds, Flu, Illness

Winter can be a challenging time for avoiding seasonal illnesses that spread fast in close quarters. These tips for preventing some common winter illnesses can help keep your family healthy this winter - from Dr. Marcus Washington and certified nurse practitioner Amanda Fox in this Premier Health...

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'Is That a Tattoo?' Therapeutic Tape Grabs the Olympic Spotlight

2/19/2018 | Comments | Fitness

United States figure skater Mirai Nagasu recently made international headlines when she became the third woman in history to land a triple axel in Olympic competition. At the same time, Nagasu, who is competing at the 2018 games in PyeongChang, South Korea, was also gaining attention for a thin...

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New Guidelines Buy Time for Some Stroke Patients

2/16/2018 | Comments | Brain Health

When you notice signs of a stroke coming on, dialing 9-1-1 for immediate medical care is still the order of the day. But for some stroke patients, according to newly published guidelines, the narrow window of time for effective stroke treatment may be a little wider than previously...

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Going for Gold! Smart Strategies for Winter Sport Success

2/8/2018 | Comments | Safety, Fitness

Do the Winter Olympics inspire you try a new winter sport – or aim higher in one you already pursue? Learn how to adapt the mental and physical strategies of high-performance athletes to reach your personal best. Listen in with sports medicine specialist Dr. Jeffrey James and Human Performance...

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Flu Alert: 5 Surprising Facts You Should Know

2/7/2018 | Comments | Flu

As deaths from this year’s flu virus are making headlines almost daily, is there anything you haven’t heard about this widespread illness? Premier Health Now talked with Aaron Block, MD, MPH, Franklin Family Practice, who addresses some flu questions you may not have considered. 1. How long can flu...

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How to Block and Tackle a Super Bowl Gall Bladder Attack

2/2/2018 | Comments | Nutrition

Odds are high that many of us will spend this Sunday at a Super Bowl LII party. Whether you watch the commercials or the game, you’re likely to eat some of the rich, fatty foods that herald the day. Super Bowl Sunday is the nation’s second-biggest food consumption day— behind only Thanksgiving —...

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