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Stories from November 2018

Ready, Set, Here Comes Puberty

11/28/2018 | Comments | Parenting, Hormones

How can something so totally normal and so universal become such a rollercoaster ride? Welcome to puberty, a hormone-induced journey of physical, mental and emotional changes that transform a girl to a woman. Can you prepare yourself and your daughter? You bet. Join Dr. Anessa Alappatt and certified...

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Teen Vaping Up 80 Percent; FDA Takes Action

11/20/2018 | Comments | Safety, Parenting

Vaping increased nearly 80 percent among high schoolers and 50 percent among middle schoolers since last year, according to the latest data from the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has proposed new measures against flavored nicotine products that could ultimately remove them from stores and...

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IVF Gave Obamas a Second Chance at Pregnancy

11/15/2018 | Comments | Pregnancy

If you suffer from infertility, Michelle Obama has shared your pain. In her new book and in recent interviews she opens up about the heartbreak of miscarriage, fertility issues, and her desire to help young women who want to conceive. She says in vitro fertilization (IVF) provided her and...

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Spanking May Not Have the Impact You Want

11/13/2018 | Comments | Parenting

To spank or not to spank? Parents have long wrestled with this question, Mark Casdorph, DO, child and adolescent psychiatrist at Upper Valley Outpatient Behavioral Health Services, tells Premier Health Now. But in recent years spanking has been falling more out of favor in the child health...

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New Drug Shortens Flu Misery

11/1/2018 | Comments | Flu, Illness

It’s not a substitute for a flu shot, but a newly approved medicine called Xofluza™ (pronounced zoe FLOO zuh) may help you feel better if you get the flu. Premier Health Now asked family practitioner Joseph Allen, MD, from Vandalia Family Care about when and whether to take the new...

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