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Stories from September 2017

‘Today, I’m the One.’ Julia Louis-Dreyfus Breaks Breast Cancer News

9/29/2017 | Comments | Celebrities, Cancer

"1 in 8 women get breast cancer. Today, I'm the one." That’s how Julia Louis-Dreyfus shared her news this week via Twitter. The Veep and Seinfeld megastar, 56, a longtime advocate of cancer research, received the diagnosis on Sept. 18, the day after picking up her eighth Primetime Emmy. The...

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Gaga Puts Her Face on a Puzzling Disease

9/22/2017 | Comments | Celebrities, Illness, Pain

You could almost hear the enthusiastic (yet empathetic) cheer from fibromyalgia sufferers recently when they got the news: Lady Gaga shares their long-misunderstood disease. Although fibromyalgia is nothing to cheer about, Lady Gaga’s admittance to the club will surely help dissipate some of...

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Study Raises Hope for Alzheimer's Diagnosis

9/15/2017 | Comments | Illness, Brain Health

Recently, an experimental blood test showed a high rate of accuracy in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease, in a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  What does this mean in the quest to better understand, treat and prevent Alzheimer’s, the most...

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Apple Watch 3 May Detect Dangerous Irregular Heartbeat

9/14/2017 | Comments | Heart

Abnormal heart rhythms can cause blood clots and stroke, yet an unknown number of Americans may not even know they are at risk. That is about to change, thanks to new technology on the Apple Watch 3 being tested in the Apple Heart Study. To learn more, Premier Health Now talked with Mark...

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Duchess Kate’s Severe Morning Sickness Rare but Manageable

9/9/2017 | Comments | Celebrities, Pregnancy

The acute morning sickness of Britain’s Duchess Kate, who is expecting her third child, has sparked concern and interest across the globe.  Premier Health Now talked with midwife Stacy Hudepohl, MSN, CNM, certified nurse midwife, Women’s Health & Wellness in Mason, Ohio, about the...

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Why More Kids Will Be Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure

9/7/2017 | Comments | Heart, Parenting

The number of children diagnosed with high blood pressure, also called hypertension, is likely to jump as new rules for spotting and treating the condition are put into place. More than 2 million American kids already are living with hypertension. To get a better understanding of what this...

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