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Stories from February 2017

Cassidy Moves Past Denial of Dementia

2/22/2017 | 0 Comments | Celebrities, Illness

David Cassidy — singer/actor, former teen idol and star of the ‘70s TV hit The Partridge Family — just ended his touring career at age 66. He’s been diagnosed with dementia and wants to “focus on what I am, who I am and how I’ve been without any distractions,” he told People magazine.Cassidy has...

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Back Ache? Hold Off on the Pills

2/21/2017 | 0 Comments | Pain

When your lower back aches, you want relief. Now.And you may believe that the quickest route to comfort is a walk to your medicine cabinet.But not so fast.The American College of Physicians recently released new treatment guidelines for lower back pain. The guidelines recommend skipping medicine —...

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Can Sunscreen Really Prevent Skin Cancer?

2/17/2017 | 0 Comments | Celebrities, Cancer

Sunscreen has a new champion, and he’s right out of Hollywood. Actor Hugh Jackman’s four-time battle with basal cell carcinoma has him encouraging fans to #wearsunscreen! Jackman’s basal cell carcinoma is the most frequently occurring form of skin cancer. It’s caused by cumulative, intense...

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Stay Informed and Stay Sane

2/16/2017 | 1 Comments | Self-Improvement

Do you feel inundated with the constant updates on current events that seem to be occurring more rapidly than ever?Premier Health Now talked with Fadi Tayim, PhD, Division Chief of Neuropsychology at the Clinical Neuroscience Institute, about how to consume news in a meaningful and healthy way.By...

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Turn Off the Noise: Hearing Loss Impacts Young, Old

2/13/2017 | 1 Comments | Safety, Hearing

Hearing loss doesn’t wait for old age. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that nearly 20 percent of people in their 20s have some hearing loss, and an estimated 40 million Americans under age 70 have hearing damage — often not related to job noise. NBC News recently cited these and...

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15 Ways to Tackle Norovirus

2/6/2017 | 0 Comments | Flu, Illness

Fast on the heels of a spike in influenza cases comes the highly contagious, vomit-inducing norovirus.  Like the flu, norovirus can quickly infect an entire household or school or office. Premier Health Now talked with Emily Neal, nurse practitioner, Premier Family Care of Mason, about...

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