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Stories from October 2017

Timely Health Tips so Fall Won't Trip You Up

10/30/2017 | Comments | Safety, Flu, Illness, Nutrition

Premier Health physician Dr. Melinda Ruff and clinical dietitian Meredith Jones discuss strategies for a safer, healthier fall season from covering flu protection, Halloween safety, carbon monoxide and holiday eating.  

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Could Concussions Deliver a Harder Hit to Girls?

10/28/2017 | Comments | Safety, Parenting, Brain Health

Twenty-eight days after sustaining a concussion, half of young female athletes still complained of symptoms. Yet that number dropped to just 11 days for young male athletes. This according to results of a study reported this month by Reuters.  What does this news mean for parents? To...

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Protect Yourself from Sexual Harassment

10/23/2017 | Comments | Relationships, Safety

Revelations of sexual harassment by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein spanning years and actress Alyssa Milano’s invitation for all victims of sexual harassment to speak out with #MeToo tweets have sparked overwhelming responses across the world. In 2016, the U.S. Equal Employment ...

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The SAD Effects of Shorter Days

10/19/2017 | Comments | Illness, Brain Health

As days get shorter, sunlight dwindles and skies turn grey, does your mood seem to take a downcast turn, too? If so, you could have a condition called seasonal affective disorder – known by its apt acronym, SAD. To learn more about SAD, its symptoms and how to treat it, Premier Health Now recently...

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What’s Behind Your Pumpkin Spice Addiction?

10/7/2017 | Comments | Nutrition

As even more pumpkin spice products hit the shelves, your craving for the fall flavor may seem unending. The funny thing is many items — from yogurt and marshmallows to goat cheese — don’t contain pumpkin. Yet we still want it. What’s going on? To find out, Premier Health Now talked with Meredith...

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