Why You’re More Stressed Out Than He Is

Why You’re More Stressed Out Than He Is large

Let’s face it — everybody gets stressed. But when you’re feeling pressured, you’re far more likely to reach for that pint of premium ice cream than he is. The experts agree that men and women manage stress in very different ways.

We’re beginning to understand that men and women react very differently to stress. In the next several years, you’ll begin to see that identifying different symptoms and patterns of stress in women may improve the early identification of early signs of depression, cardiovascular disease and overall poor functionality that have been undertreated by the medical profession. 

How Men and Women React Differently 

To begin with, women are more likely than men to say that their stress levels are on the rise. Women report physical and emotional symptoms associated with stress more often — like having a headache or wanting to cry. At the same time, we are also better than men at connecting with others, an important tool in managing stress. 

Even the Way We Cope Is Different

No matter what the source of stress, we manage it very differently from the men in our lives. Some of this difference lies in our hormones, When we’re under pressure, our bodies release stress hormones that psych us up for fight or flight. But we also produce a hormone called oxytocin, which is tied to loving feelings toward others. This leads us to place a higher priority on strong bonds with family and friends. We “tend and befriend” by nurturing those close to us, and seek emotional support from them. These connections to loved ones help us handle stress better. 

Men also produce oxytocin, but in smaller amounts. They tend to react to stress with a “fight or flight” response, and cope with challenging situations by escaping into a relaxing activity or other distraction. 

What We Do

Why You’re More Stressed Out Than He Is small

 To reduce stress, women are more likely to: 

  • Read  
  • Connect with other people, like spending time with friends and family and going to church or religious services
  • Eat too much or indulge in unhealthy treats
We’re beginning to understand that men and women react very differently to stress.

What They Do

When guys are stressed, they are more likely to avoid managing their distress and are less likely to seek help. Ways they cope include: 

  • Playing sports and listening to music
  • Exercising, because it gives them something to do

However, both women and men tend to choose activities like reading, listening to music and watching TV over healthier behaviors like exercising or seeing a mental health professional.

Small Steps: Unplug From Work
For health’s sake, resist the urge to stay continuously plugged into your job.

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