Medical Marijuana Education Session

Premier Pulse     November 2018

Premier Health will host an educational meeting for providers on the topic of medical marijuana on Monday, December 3, at 6:00 pm in the Weber Maxon Conference Room at Miami Valley Hospital. The meeting will include a review of results from the recent medical marijuana provider survey, and attendees will hear from human resources, legal, and pharmacy leaders within Premier Health on the topic. Providers also will have an opportunity to ask questions.

More than 300 providers responded to our recent survey. Nearly three in four survey respondents said they were somewhat, very, or extremely interested in attending a session on medical marijuana. Here are some other key takeaways:

Nearly three in four providers who responded to the survey said they thought marijuana should be a medical option for patients; however, more than two-thirds said they did not plan to recommend medical marijuana to their patients.

Nearly 82 percent of respondents said they would continue to treat a patient’s illness if that patient was receiving medical marijuana from another prescriber.

More than 70 percent of respondents said they would like more information on regulatory requirements for medical marijuana.

Nearly three out of every four survey respondents said they would find it helpful if Premier Health had a registry of physicians who recommend marijuana to their patients for medical purposes. 

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