Premier Pulse

Volume 5, Issue 11 – November 2018

Communication – The Doctor-Patient Relationship

Kanagy_HS_350x350By Scott Kanagy, DO, chief medical officer, Premier Health Northern Region

Effective doctor-patient communication is an essential piece of building a strong doctor-patient relationship. Good communication leads to strong relationships, which are key to providing high quality health care. Read more.

New Sports Medicine Connections Program

Blake_HS_350x350By Gary Blake, vice president, service line integration, orthopedics and sports medicine

To further strengthen our partnerships and leverage the expertise of our providers, our service line has initiated the Sports Medicine Connections Program. The program is designed to improve the coordination of services provided to our school partnerships, YMCA/recreation centers, and sports performance services, and further invest in the health and safety of our local fire department/EMS partners. Read more.

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Editorial Board: Dr. Marc Belcastro, Dr. Atindra Chatterji, Dr. Jerry Clark, Dr. Jennifer Hauler, Dr. Scott Kanagy, Dr. Tammy Lundstrom, Dr. Matthew Reeves 

Chief Communications Officer: Diane Ewing 

Chief Consumer Officer: Chris Butler 

Director, System Communications: Ben Sutherly 

Editor: Niki Miller