Be Brave Today and Every Day!

Jenny's Journey

Be Brave today and everyday!

Fear was holding me back for so many years in regards to my health... fear of failure, fear of injury, fear of other people's opinions, fear that I just didn't possess the strength within me to change. When I stopped being afraid, I was able to take action. To be vulnerable, open, and honest with myself and everyone around me. To acknowledge that I am far from perfect, that there was a huge portion of my life making me miserable. 

Once I was able to admit that, I was able to transform. It has been scary. To put myself out there, where anyone can see if I fall down or fail- it's terrifying. But without taking that risk, I would still be that woman who was living only a partially fulfilled life, always wondering "what if." 

When I look at my body now, I still see a lot of flaws, but I am through being hung up on them. My body is getting stronger and healthier everyday and I choose to celebrate that progress, even if it doesn't look perfect! So, do the thing that terrifies you the most. 

Buy a bikini! And if you feel particularly nutty, then post a picture of yourself in it on the internet!

Go skydiving or scuba diving or mountain climbing! Give a public presentation to a huge crowd! Speak up at work and get involved! Travel to a different country! Take a new job! 

Whatever it is, do it. Don't be the person always saying "what if?" 

Be Brave!!!

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