Changing Up Your Exercise Routine Can Help with Motivation

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Beginning of the year resolutions can sometimes be hard to stick with once spring and summer months roll around. Finding new ways to stay motivated can be the key to keeping up with your exercise routine.

One great motivator can be having support from your friends and family. Find some friends or family members who also need motivation or who have similar weight loss or weight management  goals as you, and join together to motivate each other.

The American Association of Retired Persons Off Site Icon  (AARP) recommends some great ways to get the whole family moving:

  • Exergaming – Many video game systems have games that can get you up and moving in dance competitions, sporting competitions and even exercise routines that you can do together in your living room.
  • Golf – If golf is a sport you’re passionate about, try building family memories by teaching younger family members how to play and enjoying some quality time together.
  • Hiking/Walking – Walking is great exercise for just about anyone and hiking is even better. Try finding a great hiking trail to explore.
  • Tai Chi – This series of slow, graceful movements is a great exercise to try together. It’s gentle, noncompetitive and can be done in almost any indoor or outdoor location. You can find videos and books to outline the moves, and can adjust them to fit your physical abilities.
  • Yoga – Kids find yoga fun as they find new ways to bend and twist that helps everyone develop better balance, coordination, muscle tone and strength. 

Taking advantage of the nice weather to get outside and exercise can be a nice change of pace from an indoor routine. 

Visit a new state park, try learning a new sport, or grab a bike and ride to a part of your community you haven’t ventured into before. 

However, the American Running Association Off Site Icon  (ARA) recommends visiting your doctor for an exam before making any major changes to your workout. 

For more information about exercise options, talk with your doctor or visit to find a physician.

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