Why should I have an annual well-check?

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A well-check visit can help detect medical issues early. Plus your physician can run routine screenings to be certain you are in good health. Your doctor can learn a lot about your health by just listening to you. Your doctor can compare his/her findings with last year’s finding. This is helpful in learning more about you and your health. The purpose of these visits is to:

  • Screen for diseases
  • Assess risk of future medical problems
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle
  • Update vaccinations
  • Maintain a relationship with a health care provider in case of an illness
  • Discuss family medical history

The annual physical exam has been called a form of benchmarking which empowers the doctor and patient to review the patient’s medical history and physical exam and then using the information to coordinate a personalized care plan.

A family’s medical history provides genetic information which may affect you and your loved ones down the road. It keeps your physician abreast of changes that have occurred in your family’s’ health that could affect you.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says increasing the focus on prevention in our communities will help improve America’s health, quality of life and prosperity. For example, seven out of ten deaths among Americans each year are from chronic diseases (such as heart disease and complications of diabetes), and almost one out of every two adults has at least one chronic illness, many of which are preventable. 

Focusing on preventing disease and illness before they occur will create healthier homes, workplaces, schools and communities so that people can live long and productive lives and reduce their health care costs.  Better health positively impacts our communities and our economy.

By getting the right health services, screenings, and treatments throughout our lifetime, we are taking steps that help our chances for living a longer, healthier life.

At your annual well-check visit, discuss any health concerns that you may have, and your physician will work with you on a personal care plan.

It's easy to get the care you need.

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