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Have you ever wondered when your last tetanus shot was? Have you ever needed to know the results of a previous medical test at night or on a weekend when your physician’s office wasn’t open? Now, using MyChart, you can access your health information at any time, any day.

MyChart is a free, secure online connection to your doctor’s office that gives you access to your medications, test results, lets you request medications refills, schedule appointments and more.

More specifically, some of the information MyChart helps patients access anytime includes:

  • Test results – Review your latest lab test results and view your historical results. Your test results will be released to you after three days unless your physician releases them to you sooner.
  • Health history – Review your health history, allergies and immunizations
  • Medications – See a full list, including dosage information
  • Appointments – Lists past and upcoming visit dates and times and enables online scheduling or changing of appointments
  • Preventive care – Lists programs you’ve completed and alerts you when you need a health screening, such as a mammogram or annual well-check visit
  • Interaction – Send secure, non-urgent emails to your doctor and receive secure responses, typically within two days of your email
  • Corrections – Request to have your medical record updated if something needs corrected
  • Children’s information – Access medical record information for your child, age 11 or younger. Patients 12 and older will have access to their own MyChart account.
  • Click print – Print out a copy of a summary of your medical records and test results

Upon logging in with a secure username and password, you can see if you need a preventive test or screening in the Health Reminders section. For patients who may not log in to their MyChart account on a regular basis, the system will also send an email notification letting them know they have a new alert when a test result is posted, an appointment is made or a message from the office is sent. By accessing this information, patients can better manage their own health care, along with their physician.

A MyChart app for smart phones is also available and is beneficial to patients that may travel a lot, need to get medical information quickly when they are not near a computer, or want to reference something just before a doctor’s visit.

Talk to your physician for more information about how MyChart can help you manage your health care or to sign up for a MyChart account.

Find Your Perfect Match

Answer a few questions and we'll provide you with a list of primary care providers that best fit your needs.

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