Dr. Enoch Named Team Physician for Xenia High School

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Archie Enoch, MD, was named team physician for Xenia High School’s sports program.

Dr. Enoch is a family medicine physician who serves the Beavercreek and Xenia communities at his office, Fairfield Road Physician Offices, a part of Premier HealthNet. As the team’s physician, Dr. Enoch will monitor the athletes’ health and work with the school’s Miami Valley Hospital athletic trainers, Mark McIntire and Rebecca Chamberlain, to prevent injuries.

Dr. Enoch, McIntire and Chamberlain will work as a team to determine the right treatment and rehabilitation plan for the athletes when needed. They both serve as advocates for the student athletes. An athletes’ injury can be managed in a multi-disciplinary approach, getting the athletes back to their sport as safely and quickly as possible.

“Having worked without a team doctor all last year, I already see a huge difference,” McIntire said. “I feel more confident knowing that I have Dr. Enoch there if I need him and knowing that the athletes are getting the best care possible. It is also great knowing he is available at any time to see our athletes during the week.”

Having a healthcare provider on the sidelines is crucial to the sports medicine team. Many times, the athletic trainer and team physician see how the injury occurred, which helps in quickly assessing, diagnosing the injury and starting a treatment plan. The team physician can help manage any needed referral information.

As a teen, Dr. Enoch participated in track and cross country. He said he hopes to use his role as team physician to encourage today’s athletes to follow the rules set by school and health advocates.

Dr. Enoch is a1991 graduate of Wright State University School of Medicine. He completed his residency at the Ohio State University Department of Family Medicine in 1994. Dr. Enoch recently returned to the Dayton area to be closer to family and friends.

To learn more about Dr. Enoch or Fairfield Road Physician Offices, visit www.fairfieldroadphysicians.com.

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