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Because your health is important to you around the clock, Premier HealthNet (PHN) offers MyChart, a free, secure online 24/7 connection to your doctor's office and your health information. MyChart is the preferred mode of communication with your doctor’s office. Give it a try and you’ll see why!

MyChart security is similar to the security used for online banking. With MyChart you can securely log in from any computer to:

  • Review your medications, immunizations, allergies and medical history
  • View test results
  • Request refills of your medications
  • Schedule, change or cancel an appointment
  • Communicate directly with your health care team

Patients can download the MyChart app to their IPhone, Android and IPad and send and receive messages to their doctor and see their MyChart information on these mobile devices. Older adults will appreciate MyChart because of its easy access and up-to-date information available at their fingertips. MyChart is another way to improve a patient’s overall experience.

MyChart allows you to send an email to your doctor’s office any time, day or night. Your doctor’s office will usually try to reply within two business days after reading the email. MyChart also allows you to print a summary of your health and medical records and test results to bring with you to your next appointment.

Viewing Your Child’s Information

A parent has full access on MyChart to the medical records of their children under the age of 12 years. Adolescents, 12 to 17 years old, will be given direct assess to MyChart.

Viewing an Aging Parents’ Medical Information

Proxy access may be given to you if you have a parent or other adult who needs help making medical decisions or tracking their own health information. These special needs should be discussed with the patient’s medical provider who will decide whether proxy is appropriate on a case-by-case basis. The patient will need to sign an authorization allowing access.


If you have not registered for MyChart, ask about it during your next office visit with your doctor. Your doctor’s office will ask you if you want to register for MyChart and provide you with an access code and log-on information.  Use this code to activate your account from any computer of your choice. Simply go to the MyChart log-in page to activate and get started.

MyChart is not for urgent medical matters. Please note that MyChart should not be used for urgent situations. Please call your physician if the situation requires immediate attention, or dial 911 if it is a medical emergency.

Find Your Perfect Match

Answer a few questions and we'll provide you with a list of primary care providers that best fit your needs.

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