Vinnie’s Story: Sleep Center Visit Life-Changing For Area Family

When Vinnie Mosconi got married, he learned about his severe snoring problem. “I was a snorer for years, but my wife let me know how bad it was,” Vinnie says with a chuckle. For eight years, the Mosconis dealt with it, taking turns on the sofa.

In addition to the snoring, there was the constant fatigue. “People used to joke that I could fall asleep anywhere,” Vinnie says. “I probably could have slept standing up.”

Vinnie had a deviated septum corrected surgically, hoping that would relieve the problem. It didn’t. The problem continued and worsened, so he made an appointment with the Miami Valley Hospital Center for Sleep and Wake Disorders.

“The sleep test isn’t the best experience...they put probes on your fingers, chest, head, legs, face and then you go to sleep. But it’s so worth it,” says Vinnie.

The doctor told Vinnie he had severe sleep apnea and stopped breathing about 50 times an hour for about 10 to 20 seconds each time. “Gee, no wonder I never felt rested,” he explains. The doctor introduced Vinnie to the CPAP machine. I used to travel a lot and I didn’t ever go anywhere without my machine,” Vinnie says. “It’s changed my life. Ask my wife…it’s changed hers, too.”

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