Contribute Funds

Premier Health’s 13,000 employees are indeed extraordinary heroes. Our physicians, nurses and other front-line staff are selflessly focused on providing our patients and our community the care they need. And yet, they still share your same concerns about how to stay healthy, and how to prevent spreading COVID-19 to their own families and friends. In response, our hospital foundations have established funds to support the emerging needs of our employees and ensure the care of our patients during this unprecedented time.

Some of our employees are likely to need assistance with critical necessities as they continue to provide desperately needed care to our patients. Our hospitals will need further equipment and resources to care for the imminent influx of patients who need testing, monitoring and the advanced care necessary to save lives.

No gift is too small, and every dollar donated will be used to support our caregiver’s efforts. Thank you for supporting our heroes with a gift through our hospital foundations. Your gift will make a lasting difference when our community needs it most.