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Whether you’re looking to enhance your speed, improve your pitch or better your personal movement and agility as an athlete, our programs can give you the edge you need to physically get to the next level.

Sports Performance Partnerships

It is the goal at Premier Health to provide a high quality experience to the athletes and active individuals participating in our sports performance programs. A sports performance partnership with Orion Sports MedicineOff Site Icon and Enhance U Sports Performance AcademyOff Site Icon allows us to provide that experience at an even higher level and expand the sports performance program to meet the needs of the athletes and teams at our partner schools and community.

Premier Performance Edge

These programs implement current and effective training methods in sports and human performance.

Edge uses an outcome-based training model that focuses on an athlete’s functional ability. Along with assessments that will evaluate an athlete’s speed, power, and agility, the functional assessment will identify areas of weakness and provide a baseline of athletic ability.

Cost: $300 – 16 sessions; $200 – 10 sessions

Offered through:

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Edge Camp uses the same techniques and philosophy of the Edge program but is offered only in the summer as a seven-week program. It is conducted in a large group setting. This program is for grades 9-12 or collegiate level athletes.

Cost: $275 – 7 weeks (4X/week)

Offered through:

Edge Camp Jr. uses the same techniques and philosophy as the Edge program, but is designed for the musculoskeletal differences of younger athletes. Edge Camp Jr. is also offered only in the summer as a seven-week program and is conducted in a large group setting. This program is for grades 6-8.

Cost: $225 – 7 weeks (3X/week)

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Edge Elite is a higher intensity program that is more one-on-one and customized for the development of athletes who are transitioning from high school to college-level sports, or for professional athletes.

Cost: $400 – 16 sessions

Offered through:

Edge Endurance focuses on unique challenges faced by endurance athletes and teaches techniques to help reduce the likelihood of overuse injuries. Sessions can also include video analysis to identify movement pattern dysfunction.

Cost: $300 – 16 sessions; $200 – 10 sessions

Offered through:

Edge Tactical, a program unique to Premier Health, helps first repsonders prepare for the demands of their jobs through education, functional training, and cardiovascular fitness. Participants will work on being prepared for the physical readiness and CPAT tests, which are mandatory for employment in many departments across the Dayton region. Healthy Heroes also helps fight risk factors associated with sudden cardiac arrest. Other educational opportunities, such as addressing nutrition, wellness, and removal of sport equipment from injured athletes, are also available through the Healthy Heroes program.


  • CPAT Test Training – $400 for 8 weeks (16 sessions); CPAT Test Training – $100 for 2 weeks (4 sessions); CPAT Test Training – $30 per single session

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Premier Performance Function programs focus on improving athletes’ movement patterns in sports and human performance. Video analysis can be used to assess movement patterns and help identify biomechanical imbalances that can lead to overuse injuries.

BikeFit is a dynamic bike-fitting program aimed at optimal positioning for comfort, performance, injury reduction, pain reduction, and healing. Bike-Fit is the only program in the Dayton area to offer bike fitting by a health care professional who is a Serotta International Cycling Institute certified fitter.

Cost: $250 – Physical Therapy Fit; $200 – Basic Fit

Offered through:

KneeFit is a comprehensive training program specifically designed to improve the dynamic stability of the knee by refining movement patterns when pivoting, cutting, and jumping.

Cost: $225 – 12 sessions (6 weeks)

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GolfFit was created for golfers looking to increase player performance. Our certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) instructor is trained to identify functional abilities, such as core strength, mobility, balance, range of motion, power, and strength of a golfer’s body. The intended result of this program is a more effective, efficient golf swing and overall improved player performance.

Cost: $300 – 10 sessions

Offered through:

AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® uses NASA-patented, precise unweighting technology that allows patients to rehabilitate, or athletes to train, while reducing the risk of further injury and enabling faster healing. The treadmill reduces stress on joints and injured areas in the lower body, which helps maintain and even increase endurance and leg strength for athletes.

Cost: $150 – 10 sessions; $100 – 5 sessions; $25 – 1 Session

Offered through:

Video Analysis In ContentVideo Analysis is the evaluation of a specific motion, such as running, throwing, or jumping, to identify movement pattern dysfunction. The initial appointment is followed up with a consultation to discuss the results of the analysis and provide instruction in corrective exercise.

Cost: $100 – 2 sessions

Offered through:

Motion Medicine is a program that utilizes two tools to help identify where the greatest opportunity lies for improvement in an athlete’s training. The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) is used if an athlete is experiencing pain with activity. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is used to provide an understanding of the athlete’s movement, revealing potential injury risk.

Cost: $40 – assessment/screen; $35 – 30 minute follow up session

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Active Release Technique (ART) is a soft tissue, movement-based massage used to treat conditions that often are the result of overused muscles. ART is a patented treatment that utilizes more than 500 specific moves and is a non-‘cookie cutter’ approach used to identify and correct specific problems. Our certified full body ART provider uses ART protocols to help athletes and active individuals maintain or return to activity with decreased pain and increased function.

Cost: $50 per 50-minute session; $35 per 30-minute session

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Premier Performance Specialized Programs

These programs have been created to address specific patient populations, surgical procedures, and training needs.

Better Than Before is a post-surgical program designed to help physical therapists, strength and conditioning specialists, and athletic trainers collaborate to achieve optimal outcomes for athletes. Athletes can expect to continue with corrective exercises for the surgical area, but also work on modifying areas of musculoskeletal dysfunction and increasing overall fitness. This program is designed to minimize time spent out of activity, reduce the likelihood of future injuries, and return the athlete to a better-than-before condition. The concepts of this program can also be implemented specifically for those returning from ACL surgery, with the Return-to-Play program, or for those returning from shoulder or elbow surgery, with the Return-to-Throw program. All sessions are 30 minutes long.

Cost: $200 – 14 sessions; $50 – Return-to-Play Test

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Coach and Athlete Training Clinics – Athletic directors can request that Premier Health Sports and Human Performance staff educate and train coaches and athletes in proper lifting techniques, program design, and weight room safety. The program is 3 hours for coaches and also 3 hours for the athletes.

Cost: $600 for 6 hours; $35 per hour after 6 hours

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Cancer Program is designed for patients going through cancer treatment to help lessen fatigue, anxiety, and depression by helping to improve muscle strength and physical endurance through exercise. Our American College of Sports Medicine-certified cancer exercise trainer is a fitness professional trained to understand the many factors that need to be considered when developing an exercise program for individuals fighting cancer, as well as cancer survivors. The goal is to empower fighters and survivors to realize their inner strength by improving physical fitness, and to attain a quality of life that might have seemed out of reach.

Cost: $25 per session

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Facility Information

Miami Valley Hospital
Sports Medicine Center
Miami Valley Hospital South
2400 Miami Valley Dr., Suite 130
Centerville, OH 45459
(937) 438-4488(937) 438-4488

Miami Valley Hospital North
The Sports Medicine Center
9000 N. Main St.
Englewood, OH 45415
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Upper Valley Medical Center
The Center for Sports Medicine
Hyatt Center
450 N. Hyatt St.
Tipp City, OH 45371
(937) 440-7152(937) 440-7152

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