Patient Guide

Appointment/Procedure Preparation

To schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Annadorai Kalahasthy or Dr. Ravindra Mullapudi at the numbers below.


  • Annadorai Kalahasthy, MD: (937) 233-2009
  • Asha Agarwal, MD: (937) 236-2115
  • Ravindra Mullapudi, MD: (937) 235-1020(937) 235-1020


  • Asha Agarwal, MD: (937) 262-7201
  • Fax for other Physicians: (937) 233-9182(937) 233-9182

What to Expect

If you are a new patient, please bring either your medications or a list of the medications you are currently taking, photo identification, and your insurance card(s). Returning patients should bring their new insurance card(s) when applicable. You may be asked to complete a new Patient Registration Form once a year.

Please be prepared to pay for copays, deductibles, and coinsurances at the time of service.

After Your Visit or Procedure

After your visit, you will receive instructions for follow-up appointments or  referrals. You will receive a follow-up phone call or a letter for test results. You may receive patient education materials and/or written instructions depending on the outcome of your visit.

Billing and Insurance

Premier Physician Network’s customer service team is happy to answer any questions about billing and insurance you may have. Find detailed billing and insurance information in the Premier Physician Network billing section.