Lewis's Story: The Right Physician Makes All the Difference

Slatton HS

Lewis Slatton is 80 years old and enjoys sitting and working in his Middletown home’s yard. He feeds the birds and almost seems to know them personally. “I feed those blue birds peanuts; they just love peanuts.”

One day he and his wife were sitting outside enjoying the weather and watching the birds. Lewis’ wife Betty asked Lewis a question. Lewis thought he was answering the question but babbling was coming out of his mouth instead of words. “I couldn’t talk.”

Because his wife had seen Subodh K. Wadhwa, MD of Comprehensive Neurology Associates, for a blockage in her brain Lewis requested to be seen by Dr. Wadhwa too. “Turns out I had several mini strokes. Dr. Wadhwa checked me out,” said Lewis. “Plus I like that he talks to me in terms I can understand.”

Dr. Wadhwa referred Lewis to a surgeon and now his follow-up examinations are with Dr. Wadhwa. “I appreciate that he knew I needed to be referred to a specialist and he got me to the best.”

One day Lewis was having significant chest pain, so he went to see Dr. Wadhwa. “He diagnosed me immediately and called 911. I was having a heart attack.” He visited Lewis at the hospital and kept tabs on him. “Dr. Wadhwa doesn’t take a day off when it comes to his patients.”

These days Lewis is doing very well and feels good. The blue jays continue to wait for their peanuts and the hummingbirds wait while he fills the feeder.