Diabetes Education Classes

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Bull Family Diabetes Center in Dayton, Ohio offers those living with diabetes a wide range of educational opportunities to control their disease. A doctor's referral may be necessary to enroll in these classes.

The goal of the Center is self-management by the patient. Education and follow-up are critical steps toward self-management.

Classes at Bull Family Diabetes Center

  • Newly diagnosed: Comprehensive three-part series
    For the newly diagnosed individual or to those who have not yet had diabetes education. A series of three sessions that progressively develop self-management skills. Classes are taught by Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) at the Bull Family Center.
    • Session 1 with the RN CDE covers diabetes disease process, treatment options, glucose monitoring, diabetes medications/insulin, exercise, foot care, acute and chronic complications, problem solving sills, goal setting and coping with the emotional aspects of living with diabetes.
    • Session 2 with the Dietitian CDE covers glycemic effect of the different food groups, making healthy food choices and meal planning for basic carbohydrate counting, weight management  and eating for and cardiovascular health.
    • Session 3 with RN CDE and Dietitian CDE focuses on goal progression, glucose pattern analysis and weight management.
  • Annual Update: Ongoing Diabetes Education
    Individuals with diabetes are recommended to have an annual update on diabetes management. This annual update is co-taught by the dietician CDE and RN CDE and focuses on addressing common roadblocks to making improvements in healthy eating, physical activity and glucose monitoring.

Advanced or Special Classes

  • Gestational or Pregnant Diabetes Series
    Women who have diabetes and become pregnant or who develop diabetes during pregnancy meet with the dietitian CDE through the pregnancy. Weekly meetings will cover glucose monitoring, carbohydrate counting, healthy eating guidelines for baby and mom and meal planning for glucose control and weight management during pregnancy.
  • Advanced Carbohydrate Counting
    Geared to the individual who plans to use intensive insulin therapy or (multiple daily insulin injections) insulin pump therapy to improve their diabetes control. Individuals will learn advanced skills in carbohydrate counting, insulin-to-carbohydrate ratios and adjusting insulin according to carbohydrate consumption and glycemic level. Participants will find knowing basic carbohydrate counting skills helpful.
  • Insulin Infusion Pump Training
    • Class 1 includes what is insulin pump therapy, the different types of insulin pumps on the market, what will be required of the individual using this therapy and the pros/cons of insulin infusion pump delivery.
    • Class 2 focuses on the skills needed to manage an insulin pump and include how to use insulin sensitivity factor and insulin-to-carb ratio, as well as concepts of insulin action time and insulin on board calculations to improve the management of their diabetes. Participants will begin to learn how to program their insulin pump.

Please contact your primary care provider to request a referral. Once we receive your referral, we will contact you to schedule classes.