Losing Weight the Old Fashioned Way – Diet and Exercise

Barbara's StoryA few years ago Barbara Kohlrieser’s doctor shot straight with her and this time it resonated and she changed her life around in a big way.

Barbara chose her primary care physician with a lot of thought. She wanted a woman who lived close to her who could “do everything” so she wouldn’t have to go to a specialist like an OB/GYN. She chose Sally McIntyre, MD, at Belmont Physicians.

In 2009 Barbara had an annual physical examination with Dr. McIntyre. That’s when Dr. McIntyre told Barbara if she didn’t lose weight she would end up on several medications and in a wheelchair. Because of arthritis in her knees combined with the extra weight, Barbara had very limited mobility. “I would always get a car or something to hang onto and would never shop in more than one store because (the pain) was intolerable,” she said. “I actually had to be in a wheelchair several times.”

After seeing Dr. McIntyre, Barbara got honest with herself and her less-than-100 percent-effort at losing weight. “I said ‘you’re not going to give into a wheelchair until you can honestly say to yourself that you’ve given 100 percent.’” In January 2010 Barbara made a commitment to give 100 percent and change her life.

She started by working out at the local senior citizen center. She didn’t lose any weight and realized it was going to take more than exercise. Barbara joined a weight loss program and hired a personal trainer and the weight began to shed. “I began to be able to do things I hadn’t done before. I’m tremendously healthier.” Her blood pressure and cholesterol numbers are good and her knee pain has practically disappeared.

Barbara credits Dr. McIntyre’s candid conversation with her in 2009 as the motivator for choosing a healthier lifestyle. “It’s what I needed to hear to get me going because I had been suffering for quite a while with these knees.”

Today Barbara is cooking for two. She recently married and both she and her husband carefully watch their diet and exercise. Barbara is proud of her progress. She went from a dress size 22 to 12 with encouragement from Dr. McIntyre, plenty of exercise and a sensible diet. At age 65, Barbara says it’s never too late to get healthy. “It’s so important that people not give up. And once you hit a goal, you can’t relax; you have to continue working on it.”