Women’s Services Sets Sights on Strategic Initiatives

Premier Pulse     April 2018
Scalise_HS_350x350By Lori Scalise, vice president of service integration, women’s services

The Women’s Health Institute (WHI) service line continues to make progress system-wide with growth initiatives, patient experience, research, clinical quality, safety, and program development. William Rettig, MD, Women’s Health Institute chair, says of the effort, “The collaboration continues to be strong as we are beginning to move into the next phase of initiatives toward 2020, but I would like to recognize physicians and staff for their efforts and on future initiatives.”

Here is a sample of the many projects in process, as well as recent distinctions for the women’s service line:

  • Women’s Health Institute will continue to work on several initiatives this year to increase access in markets, lower cost of care, and add services and options to enhance patient care and experience.
  • Anthem Blue Distinction® Center+ for Maternity Care for all Premier Health maternity centers (AMC, GSH - closed in 2018, MVH, MVHS and UVMC) was received for the second time at the beginning of 2018. The BDC+ recognizes facilities for their expertise and cost efficiency in delivering maternity care.
  • The obstetrics quality/safety team of physicians and OB nursing directors from across the system will focus on:
    • Requirements for Anthem’s Quality Hospital Incentive Program (Q-HIP) safety bundles
    • Process to reducing primary NSTV C-Section rates
    • Ongoing initiatives to help lower infant mortality and pre-term birth rates
  • OB navigator Epic platform for all ambulatory practices and clinics – a system-wide provider committee worked together to standardize this new platform. This Epic provider team, along with IT, will continue to meet quarterly to review and approve change requests for the OB/GYN checklist for implementation.
  • Perinatal Partners Maternal Fetal Medicine physicians will expand the co-management of the prenatal/gestational diabetes program at Atrium Medical Center. 

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