Women’s Center of Strategic Growth Prepares to Launch

Premier Pulse     October 2021

By Beth Blank, director of service line strategy, women’s service & cardiovascular, Premier Health

Atrium Medical Center is getting ready to launch the first Women’s Center of Strategic Growth for the Premier Health system. Atrium is geographically located in an area with substantial population growth and operationally has key components needed to provide a destination for all women’s health care needs.

This location will be multi-faceted, spanning across many service lines and programs. Services  include: the Natural Beginnings Birthing Center; midwifery services; comprehensive OB/GYN care; menopause clinic; breast center; headache clinic; bone care; women’s cardiac care; urogynecology/urodynamics; oncology; genetic testing; support groups; concierge services; and a strong continuum of care with our primary care partners.

Several components of this destination will be virtual. However, through a centralized intake phone number to a patient access expert, patients will easily be connected to the provider and service needed. Patients will also have the opportunity to schedule multiple appointments at once to make efficient use of their time while at our facility. Patients who require more complex, integrated care will be partnered with a nurse navigator, making certain the patient is getting connected to the right resources internally and in the community.

Atrium will be equipped to service the needs of our female patients along every step of their health care journey.

We look forward to the execution of the comprehensive women’s center and continuing to be the destination of choice for our patients.

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