United We Are Better

Premier Pulse     August 2023

Kanagy_HS_350x350By Scott Kanagy, DO, chief medical officer, Atrium Medical Center & Miami Valley Hospital South

I have been reflecting on my six years as a Premier Health employee and the many experiences and roles I have had the honor and pleasure of serving in. One of the most meaningful experiences is my realization I have been the chief medical officer at four of our five hospitals at some point during my time with the health system. Reflecting on this has brought about clarity for me regarding Premier Health and who we are. While every Premier hospital, in my experience, has a slightly different culture and expertise it brings to the communities it serves, every hospital has a similar core set of goals that is Premier. During my time at all Premier hospitals, I have worked with individuals on all levels and witnessed the pride so many take in being “Premier Proud” and fulfilling our goals. There are differences in each hospital while, at the same time, there is a familiar underlying theme that highlights our mission and vision. Together and united, we are better.

As we explore the evolving world of medicine, we find ourselves in a position where we must embrace our differences and the expertise that each hospital brings to the communities they serve and, simultaneously, realize we are better united. By embracing this concept, we can accomplish much more while maintaining our individual identities. Many strengths exist within us and, if fully and effectively embraced, will allow us to better serve our communities. While in the chief medical officer role, I have witnessed the many strengths of each hospital and have seen how teamwork between multiple hospitals within our system has and can bring about better care and outcomes.

We are now a unified medical staff. Through this unification, we have strengthened Premier. Now we need to grow these bonds even more. We need to consider daily how we can best partner with every hospital, every provider, and individual within Premier to “Inspire Better Health.”

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