CompuNet: Test Code Transition and Enhancements to Toxicology Menu

Premier Pulse     May 2024

VZV Immune Status Test Code Transition

CompuNet currently offers two tests for the detection of IgG antibodies to the Varicella Zoster Virus.  The presence of these antibodies could indicate immunity from previous infection or response to vaccination.  The order code VZVABG (LAB3173) is sent to Quest Diagnostics for testing.  This test will be discontinued.  Instead, order code VRCZ (LAB412) can be used and is currently performed at CompuNet.  

Tramadol Reflex Testing and Enhancements to Toxicology Menu

CompuNet continues its commitment to advancing toxicology services with the latest addition to our menu, Tramadol reflex testing. Now Tramadol can be ordered as a presumptive-only (screen) with reflex to definitive (confirmation), alongside its availability as a definitive-only test. We strongly recommend reflex testing when appropriate, offering enhanced accuracy without additional patient charges. Test codes include TRAMLC for Definitive-Only (Confirmation), UTRAMC for Presumptive with Reflex to Definitive, and UTRAM for Presumptive-Only (Qualitative).

In addition to these updates, we've also improved our toxicology testing by lowering the cut-offs for select analytes. 

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