Services Offered by Neuroscience Surgical Specialties

Premier Pulse     August 2021

The Clinical Neuroscience Institute’s board-certified neurosurgeons are skilled across multiple surgical specialties, including spine, tumor, epilepsy, movement, neuro-oncology and functional neurosurgery. In addition, our neurosurgeons are backed by the resources of a Level I Trauma Center, advanced and innovative technologies, neuro-intensive care unit, and specially trained staff to care for even the most complex cases.

Our neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists use the expertise of the Midwest’s first brain mapping center to prepare a highly individualized plan prior to surgery. This allows for greater precision and a delicate surgical approach, ensuring that no vital areas of the brain are compromised.

Through non-invasive imaging technology, brain mapping identifies areas of the brain that control speech, movement, senses, etc., guiding physicians during neurosurgery to avoid these critical areas and helping them determine the best surgical approach. Since the location of critical areas of the brain are not the same in every person, brain mapping allows for:

  • Highly individualized planning before surgery
  • Greater precision during surgery
  • A clearer view of post-surgical changes to measure outcomes

Surgical treatments may include:

  • Awake craniotomy. If a brain tumor sits near an area that controls an essential function such as language, this procedure may be performed to prevent damage.
  • Minimally invasive techniques or procedures.Techniques such as endoscopic surgery decrease incision size, increase precision, and may reduce recovery time.
  • Visualase™ MRI-guided laser ablation. Visualase™ provides a newer, minimally invasive surgical technique, enabling surgeons to target and treat seizure-causing areas of the brain with precision.
  • Neuro-navigation (GPS). A real-time, intra-operative guidance tool used during cranial and/or spinal surgery to enable accurate planning, targeting, and monitoring during neurosurgery.

For more information or to refer a patient, please call toll-free (844) 277-2894(844) 277-2894. To refer a patient in EPIC, type “The Clinical Neuroscience Institute – Neurosurgery.” Additionally, we welcome referrals from neurologists who need consultations for complex patient conditions.

To learn more about neurosurgery and brain mapping services at the Clinical Neuroscience Institute, please visit

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