Service Line Update: Oncology Nurse Navigator Program

Premier Pulse     December 2020

Clancy_336x336By Mikki Clancy, chief digital officer & system vice president, oncology service line, Premier Health

The Oncology Nurse Navigator Program continues to be refined. Our oncology nurse navigators are specially trained in oncology care. Every patient’s cancer journey is tailored for that patient’s unique disease state and treatment plan. Nurse navigators are key in helping our cancer patients through every step of their complex journey. They are not only available to assist with creating a consistently great patient experience but also to provide emotional support to the patient and caregiver.

Please consider an oncology nurse navigator consult for inpatient or outpatient patients via EPIC or the Navigator Referral Form for non-EPIC users. The forms and additional information are available through the Premier Cancer Services Referral Guide.

Our oncology nurse navigators provide compassionate support to the patient and caregiver while assisting in education, removing barriers, and enabling access to the numerous support resources available to our patients. The earlier the oncology nurse navigators are notified that there is a referral, the bigger the difference that they can make in the lives of our cancer patients.

As always, if you have any questions about the exciting work happening in Premier Health Cancer Services, please reach out to Charles Bane, MD; Jim Ouellette, DO, FACS; Ryan Steinmetz, MD; or myself. We are happy to continue growing Premier Health’s oncology services in our local community.

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