Self-Scheduling for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Evaluations

Premier Pulse     January 2022

To offer more choice and flexibility, patients can now schedule their initial physical therapy or occupational therapy evaluations via Premier Health MyChart®.

Following your order for a consult, patients with a Premier Health MyChart® account will:

  • Receive an email alerting them that they have a new scheduling ticket available in Premier Health MyChart®
  • Have the option to choose a provider, location, and time convenient for them

Placing a Therapy Consult Order

When placing an order, it is important to select the proper specialty consult order for specialty services. This will ensure the patient schedules the correct initial evaluation with the correct therapist.

CON30385 - Consult to Lymphedema Therapy OT/PT Eval and Treat

CON30387 - Consult to Pelvic Floor Rehab PT Eval and Treat

CON30383 - Consult to Vestibular Rehab PT Eval and Treat

CON30384 - Consult to Hand Therapy OT Eval and Treat

CON30043 - Consult to Physical Therapy Eval and Treat

CON30044 - Consult to Occupational Therapy Eval and Treat Searching “eval treat” displays the following orders:

Please note: At this time, physical and occupational therapy are the only therapy departments set up to offer self-scheduling.

Wheelchair clinic, speech therapy, and neuro outpatient therapy consults are not set up for self-scheduling.

For therapy orders that do NOT allow self-scheduling, it is very important to order the CORRECT order, such as “Neuro Outpatient Therapy,” rather than “physical therapy,” to disallow the patient from scheduling at the wrong location or with the wrong therapist.

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