SCOUT® System for Breast Cancer Surgery Added at UVMC

Premier Pulse     July 2021

The SCOUT® wire-free radar localization system, which can improve precision and ease some of the anxiety of breast cancer surgery, is now in use at Upper Valley Medical Center. Premier Health already employs this advanced technology at Atrium Medical Center, Miami Valley Hospital North, and Miami Valley Hospital South.

Instead of wire localization, which is often done on the day of surgery, a tiny SCOUT® reflector – which is smaller than a dime - is placed in advance. During the surgery, the SCOUT® guide uses real-time distance measurement guidance to accurately detect the location of the SCOUT® reflector and direct the surgeon to the tumor, within 1 millimeter of accuracy. SCOUT® is also used to localize high-risk, non-cancerous lesions.

The ability to precisely locate tumors increases the probability of complete cancer removal and reduces the likelihood of needing follow-up surgeries — a huge advantage for early-stage breast cancer patients. In addition, the ability to strategically plan the incision may result in better cosmetic outcomes.

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