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Premier Pulse     June 2018

Bricking_105By Keith Bricking, MD, MBA, medical staff president, Miami Valley Hospital

Last month, the medical staff at Miami Valley Hospital held their annual spring meeting at Carillon Park. It is always a social and memorable meeting, as we honor colleagues who passed away in the previous year and pay homage to recently retired colleagues who have provided outstanding, dedicated, and distinguished service to our patients, hospital, colleagues, and the community over their careers at Miami Valley Hospital.

This year, we recognized seven providers with the symbolic MVH Stethoscope Award. Four of those providers were able to physically attend and receive their award:

  • Nancy Kwon, MD, served in many leadership positions at our hospital. She is remembered as a quality pioneer and bedrock of her anesthesia group.
  • Bill Arnold, Ph.D., a psychology stalwart, led a multidisciplinary team of caregivers as clinical director of the Head Injury Re-Entry (HIRE) program.
  • Bill Wilson, MD, a gastroenterologist and former chief of staff, is known as a physician leader, chocolate lover, and peacemaker.
  • James Binski, MD, an orthopedic educator, surgeon, and pioneer, is a world-renowned expert in the Ilizarov/ringed fixator technique of fracture fixation who has taught in dozens of countries.

Kevin Huban, Ph.D. (psychology); William Kessler, MD (opthalmology); and William Lavin, MD (radiology) were unable to attend.

As I reflect on the evening, I am amazed not only by the greatness that came before me, but also by the greatness that surrounds me every day. It is a shame that we wait until providers retire to honor them with such recognition. Our colleagues touch, impact, and save lives on a regular basis throughout the Premier Health system. I encourage all of you to reach out to get to know each other, share your talents, and appreciate those among us who care for patients. 

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