Provider Profile: William J. Rush, MD

Premier Pulse     June 2020

1295858355William J. Rush, MD

What is your clinical specialty?

Female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, also known as urogynecology. It is a subspecialty of OB/GYN or urology and treats benign conditions of the female pelvic organs that include urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, overactive bladder, and recurrent urinary tract infections.

Where did you go to school?

Undergraduate at the University of Dayton; medical school at University of Cincinnati; and residency at University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville

What brought you to Premier Health?

I grew up in Cincinnati with most of my family still in Ohio. My wife, Carla, and I wanted to be near family and looked at surrounding communities. Lifestages has the same philosophy of caring for women at all stages of their health which is what I was looking for in a practice.

Why did you choose medicine as a career?

I have always felt a calling to help people in a unique and personal way. Through medicine, I found a passion to care for people with the ability to be challenged in various aspects of that care.

Who are the people who influenced and/or mentored you? 

I’ve had many influences and mentors throughout the various stages of my career. Growing up, I had an uncle who showed me what medicine could be like with a family and inspired me to pursue medicine as a career. In residency, I had two main mentors, Dr. Bob Elder and Dr. Mark Hennessy, who pushed me as a physician and a person to be my best.

After residency, I joined Lifestages because I saw multiple physicians within the group who would add to that mentorship as I began my career. Through their leadership and partnership, I grew as a person and a physician to better serve my community. Their influence helped to shape how I practice medicine today.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I am an avid woodworker. I have a woodshop at my house that I consider a sanctuary. I love to build various types of furniture and objects for our family and friends. Most recently, I built a vanity for my daughter, a bookcase for my son, and a chopping block for my wife and me in the kitchen.

Where is your hometown?

Cincinnati, Ohio

What, if any, sports team(s) do you cheer for?

University of Dayton – Basketball season tickets for the past 14 years

University of Tennessee - College football

However, I watch more golf than any other sport. My two favorite golfers are Ian Poulter and Rory McIlroy.

What is the last book you read? 

The Institute by Stephen King (one of my favorite authors)

What is your favorite song in your playlist? 

Love is the Seventh Wave by Sting. Almost anything by Sting or David Bowie would make the list.

What is your favorite food?

A perfect steak is my favorite at home. When out, I enjoy most all types of cuisine. There is very little I won’t try or enjoy.

What is your favorite hobby?

Woodworking in the winter

Golf in the summer

What is your favorite animal, and why?

Dog – a wonderful and loyal companion

Where is your favorite vacation spot, and why?

I find it extremely peaceful and fun to visit the beach. I can relax, take a walk, or play in the ocean with my family. It has it all. Specifically, I love to go to Kiawah Island, SC with our family. It is a beautiful beach with wonderful golf courses and excellent food.

Describe something (a thing, person, place, experience, etc.) for which you are especially thankful:

I am especially grateful each and every day for my wife, Carla, and two children, Sophie, 13, and Charlie, 10. I love to play games, relax, and share as much of my life with them as possible. They give me daily inspiration to improve and be the best person I can be.

Pick a side

iPhone or Android


Early bird or night owl

Night owl

Beach bum or mountain hiker? 

Beach bum

Dress shoes or tennis shoes?

Neither…Sandals, whenever I can

Paperback or e-reader?

e-reader for convenience, but I buy hardcover books for certain authors that I follow closely

Coffee or tea?

Coffee in the morning, tea in the evening

Cooking or baking?

Cooking, especially grilling on the Big Green Egg

Sweet or salty?

Sweet – I have a major sweet tooth, especially for Graeter’s ice cream

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