Provider Praise: September 2019

Premier Pulse     September 2019

Premier Health patients submit thousands of comments each year acknowledging physicians across our health system for providing excellent care. Here is a random sampling of appreciation received in recent months:

Can't say enough about Dr. Barney and her team. Compassionate care and great communication.

I had total knee replacement and I am doing quite well with recovery. The staff was great, and I can't say enough great things and praise for surgeon Dr. Dennis Brown. His rapport is outstanding!!!

Love my surgeon, Dr. Davis.

Very pleased with Dr. Fishbein, his staff, and the hospital staff. Thank you.

Dr. Guy and the nurses were amazing, and I would recommend this facility to others!

Dr. Hadaway did an excellent job in surgery.

Dr. Hammock was extremely helpful. 1. Ordered echocardiogram 2. Ordered GI consult 3. Helped clarify blood results needed for approval for surgery.

Dr. Khattak is wonderful! Very pleasant and smiled. He knew my health history.

Dr. Lowry and team, thank you all. You were very nice to me. God bless all.

Excellent hospital! Dr. Ludwig is outstanding! Very patient friendly. Very courteous. Very professional. Very knowledgeable. Outstanding surgeon!

ER Dr. Medapali and hospitalist Dr. Patel showed excellent attention to care.

Everyone in the labor and delivery/maternity unit is amazing, and Dr. Morales is the best!

Dr. Raab and his staff did a wonderful job. Your hospital is immaculate, and your staff were great.

I was impressed with Dr. Shuck and Dr. Rolan.

Dr. Tim and Dr. Terry were very kind and helpful. Very satisfied with my treatment.

Utmost praise for Dr. Alan Thurman.

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