Provider Praise: October 2019

Premier Pulse     October 2019

Premier Health patients submit thousands of comments each year acknowledging physicians across our health system for providing excellent care. Here is a random sampling of appreciation received in recent months:

Dr. Cheron (OB doctor) was fantastic when we got there. We did not have good news, but she told us the truth, bad parts included, and she was very comforting, and you could tell she cared. She visited us over the next several days and was one of our favorite doctors.

My care was exceptional – Dr. Duketsh was very helpful.

Dr. Guy was a godsend for our difficult pregnancy.

Dr. Hayes is an exceptionally excellent doctor. Very pleased with his time, attention, and explanations.

Dr. Hirth gave great care and was great with my husband and myself! Thanks to all!!!

My mom was admitted through the ER. Her care there, and subsequently, was wonderful. Dr. Manus was especially wonderful and attentive.

I appreciated everyone who had hand in my recovery. I especially want to thank and say "God bless" to Dr. Mehans and his whole medical team for saving my life. I'll never forget what he’s done for me.

The nurses and Dr. Nguyen were fantastic! I received exceptional care. 

I would like to thank Dr. Ouellette for saving my life. Thank you.

Dr. Patel was great. I very much appreciated his care.

Thankful for the amazing team that helped me, especially Dr. Perry and my nurse.

There were some complications during my labor and delivery experience, but the L&D team was excellent and acted very quickly to keep my baby and I safe. Dr. Anderson Smith was excellent in helping me deliver my baby girl.

Dr. Lisa Stone – excellent doctor.

Dr. JT Thomas was my OB, and I highly recommend him, as he took excellent care of my baby.

My nurse and Dr. Wood were fantastic to work with!

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