Provider Praise October 2018

Premier Pulse     October 2018

Premier Health patients submit thousands of comments each year acknowledging physicians across our health system for providing excellent care. Here is a random sampling of appreciation received in recent months:

I always get the best of care from Dr. Aldstadt. I've been his patient for 20 years.

Dr. Block is a wonderful doctor; he's always concerned about my well being and always is available. When he moved, he made sure I was called first once he could take my insurance. I always recommend him to friends who are looking for a new family doctor.

Dr. Davis is a caring and helpful physician. I feel very fortunate to have found him to replace my retired doctor of 30+ years.

I like the use of MyChart to converse about non-urgent medical questions. Dr. Diller is very prompt with returning a note with a plan of care or recommendations. This saves time calling in and having to explain a situation to the staff.

Dr. Joiner is an outstanding physician.

Dr. Kulkarni, and her staff, are wonderful. What a blessing that I have such a wonderful physician. She has always been so kind. Dr. Kulkarni has always taken good care of me whenever I have an appointment. Tipp City is lucky to have her! I recommend her often to individuals frustrated with their physician – Dr. Kulkarni is the best! A lovely person, and a knowledgeable, wonderful physician. She is terrific!

Dr. Linn was able to properly diagnose and treat my symptoms. He thoroughly listened to any questions or concerns about any treatments and gave very helpful/useful feedback. I did not feel rushed and felt very comfortable being able to discuss any issues I was/am having with him and his staff. I was actually recommended by a former patient to go to this doctor's office and would also definitely recommend this office to any family or friends.

I really like the time Dr. Lorenz takes with me during each appointment. I have also had a virtual visit, and I appreciate that service offering.

Dr. Ludwig is very easy to talk with. He listens and explains things very well. I was very happy I got him. He took his time and made sure I understood my options.

I have been offered to go to others, and I refused. I admire, trust, and have absolute confidence with Dr. Maraboyina. I hope to have him the rest of my life.

Dr. Mesker is the best doctor in the world. We hope he never retires!!

I am so glad my primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Parilo. He's great in providing me diabetes care. 

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