Provider Praise: November 2019

Premier Pulse     November 2019

Premier Health patients submit thousands of comments each year acknowledging physicians across our health system for providing excellent care. Here is a random sampling of appreciation received in recent months:

Dr. Bachman did a great job with my surgery.

The whole staff of this hospital that I experience during my stay was kind, professional, friendly, helpful, and prompt. My surgeon, Dr. Berdechewsky, and his nurse were awesome!!

Great care from Dr. D. Brown and all of the orthopedic staff. Made me feel secure that there seemed to always be enough staff around to meet my needs.

I am thankful that Dr. Campbell in ER ordered a CAT scan and MRI of my brain when I mentioned having vision changes. It showed a stroke. Now steps are being taken to prevent another one.

Dr. Dyers spent a lot of time and had good follow through. Very good clinician.

Dr. Hammock was very compassionate and listened to me. He actually sat down and spent real time in a relaxed setting. He is the best I have ever had contact with!!

Dr. S. Kauffman was the greatest guy!! Warm, down to earth, and very smart.

Everyone was great – Lindsey, Sarah, Sydney, April, Dr. Meyers.

Really liked my doctor, Dr. Miller. He's the greatest.

Dr. Patel kept me informed. Grateful for his services.

I can't say enough about my nurse and Dr. J. Smith!

My doctor, Dr. Thurman, was great. I am very pleased with the surgery he did on me.

Your staff teamed up perfectly with my urologist, Dr. Weise. I felt at ease throughout my stay in the hospital.

Dr. Sadikov is wonderful. She takes the time to answer my questions and provides good feedback when test results are reviewed. All round A+.

I love going to Dr. Grice. Been with her for 29 years now and can't imagine ever going to anyone else. She is always very thorough and explains everything so that it is understood.

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