Provider Praise November 2018

Premier Pulse     November 2018

Premier Health patients submit thousands of comments each year acknowledging physicians across our health system for providing excellent care. Here is a random sampling of appreciation received in recent months:

Dr. Adkins and the nursing staff were all wonderful during all three of my hospital stays. I couldn't have asked for better caregivers during this difficult time. I truly appreciated them!

As a first-time mom, Dr. Bachman has been excellent at answering all questions – she's great!

My family physician, Dr. Luna, referred to me to Dr. Cullis after Dr. Luna detected a heart problem. I really like and respect both of these doctors and would refer any family or friends to them.

Great care. Special thank you to Dr. Chellis, ER doctor, who took such great care of my dad. All the staff were wonderful. Thank you!

The labor and delivery unit was fantastic, and they were very helpful and caring during my stay. Dr. Dilworth was very thorough and listened to all my needs and concerns. Best OB/GYN ever!

Dr. Holland, the nurses, and staff are great to the patients. Thank you.

Was treated very well and professionally. Drs. Hurlburt and Gaker were on it! We (my wife and I) were treated very well.

My nurses during my stay in Mom/Baby were fantastic! Dr. Rettig is amazing and stopped in the next day to check on me and my newborn.

Dr. Speelmon was great. I believe she kept me alive – I am sure she is the best, I believe. Can't say enough good about her.

Everything went great, and Dr. Terry was a great very good doctor. Love that hospital and doctors.

Very impressed with Dr. Watson. She was very caring.

Our nurses were great, especially our labor and delivery nurses. Dr. Wood is super! 

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