Provider Praise March 2019

Premier Pulse     March 2019

Premier Health has launched a webpage to publish “Thank You” messages in recognition of National Doctors’ Day. Messages submitted by Premier Health employees, as well as many grateful patients, can be viewed online

Here is a random sampling of appreciation received in recent weeks:

Thank You Dr. Abboud for being such a wonderful physician at Upper Valley Medical Center. You are appreciated by so many of us!

Dr. Bauman, thanks for all you do to ensure our patients have a great outcome! You are always approachable and will take the time to teach as well.

Thank you, Dr. Broderick, for all your help and professionalism during my heart issue. You're awesome!

Dr. Burdette is an exceptionally caring doctor! He was willing to work with my surgeon who was out of state to create a plan for me. His care and compassion towards getting me better was incredible! This was a difficult time for me as I am local, but my surgeon was 8 hours away and Dr. Burdette checked on me regularly and made sure that I was getting better! I am so appreciative to him for his compassion during a challenging point of my post op recovery! Thank you

Dr. Davis – You are a class act! You can try and move your practice to Jamestown, but your patients are going to follow you because of the relationships you have built! You truly care about each and every one of your patients, and you want the very best for them! You take the time to listen and you explain each treatment or medication option and you include your patients in making the decision regarding what is the best option for them personally! This takes a very special doctor to develop the relationships! You are appreciated! Thank you

Thank you for leading our team at Miami Valley South Wound and Hyperbarics. I truly appreciate your dedication to our team and our patients and your kindness and sense of humor. Thank You Dr. Eilers!!

Dr. Guy, I just want to thank you for being so patient and so kind, leading up to, during and after my laparoscopy. Your caring smile really made me feel comfortable and at ease. Never did I worry about anything, as I knew I was in good hands. Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication. Like Allstate Insurance, from day one I knew I was in good hands!

Thank you, Dr. Henderson, for always having our backs on night shift!

Dr. Horne takes the time to educate his patients. And staff. He will draw pictures and show patients their X-rays to assist them in understanding the needed treatment. He will go out of his way to educate family as well! Thank you for all you do!

I would like to thank Dr. Jerele for always being the most compassionate, understanding, and caring physician. She is always so positive to patients and staff. In her field of Orthopedic Trauma Surgery, she has a calming effect that she consistently portrays to the patients. Dr. Jerele is an awesome teacher and mentor for our staff and is always willing to teach and educate. Dr. Jerele makes coming to work fun and enjoyable!!! Thank You for all you do and for being such a great role model for our staff and a compassionate and caring provider!!!

I am very fortunate to work with one of the best groups of surgeons in Premier. Drs. Laura Peterson, Kamran Jafree, John Matsuura, and Murtuza Habeeb are consistently the most caring and hard working surgeons I have ever worked with. They do what is best for the patient and treat their staff like family. I wanted to personally thank them for everything they do. They are the best and appreciated by all!

Thank you for all you do Dr. Ludwig, your positivity going down the hall every morning is so great. Love having you in clinic you truly rock keep up the good work. This world needs more docs like yourself.

I have been seeing Dr. McCoy for the last couple of weeks due to back/hip issues. I want to Thank Dr. McCoy for being so patient, kind, and caring to not only me but to his other patients. His #1 priority is about the wellbeing of his patients and to help them physically. Thank you, Dr. McCoy, for the care you have been giving me, you have my most High Respect not only as a physician, but as a person who truly cares about their patients.

Dr. O'Donnell has been my physician for a while because he is an awesome doctor. He listens to what you say and always gets down to the problem to solve it. He is very friendly and professional. Whenever I visit, especially if I'm having some issues, I know I'm going to get excellent care. I appreciate being able to let him know I'm grateful for the level of care that I am given. Happy National Doctors' Day Dr. O'Donnell!

Dr. Perry, thank you so much for always being there for this special group of patients. You do an excellent job! These patients would not make it without you! You make a difference!

Dr. Schatzel, thank you for being the kind of doctor that gives their patients 100% of yourself. You always listen and include your patients (I am one of them) in the decision making of our care. You always give all options and full explanations of plan of care. You always give you full attention. These are the things that patients expect from their doctors. I come across some of your patients since I also work here at Miami Valley Hospital North, and they have nothing but amazing things to say about you. So once again, "Thank You" for everything you do for us.

Dr. Takahashi is not only a high caliber anesthesiologist but a FINE human being as well. When Dr. T is working, you can count on the Pre/Post and PACU units running smoothly and calmly. In addition, he is approachable, accessible and shares his knowledge with the staff. Thank you!!

Seldom do physicians take the time to teach employees such as techs and PCAs; even RNs. Dr. Wise is one of those very approachable doctors who will also give instruction and answer questions in a sincere and tactful manner. Even on top of all of his duties he still has time for Star Wars and Star Trek trivia! Dr. Wise, you're vey appreciated for your client care and the care you show toward your peers at Atrium.

Dr. Wourms is a very caring doctor. He always takes time with his patients. I have come in late in the afternoon for an appointment and even though he had a very busy day, he always took the time to ask how my family and I are doing. I have seen him walking the halls late at the hospital visiting his patients. He always has a kind word of encouragement. Thank you, Dr. Wourms!

Dr. Yacoub is truly one of the best physicians I have ever had the privilege to work alongside. He gives his patients only the best care imaginable. I have lost count of the amount of times he has been able to save someone that most would think could not be saved. It is apparent to those that know him just how much he cares for his patients. His patients also adore him and most when they have to come to the hospital will request him to resume their care because they also only want the best caring for them.

I am grateful for Dr. Zeidan's patience and expertise as well as her upbeat, positive attitude at all times. My health has definitely improved since I've been a patient. She has the personality I wish all doctors had which makes it a whole lot easier to visit my physician. Happy National Doctors' Day!

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