Provider Praise: December 2019

Premier Pulse     December 2019

Premier Health patients submit thousands of comments each year acknowledging physicians across our health system for providing excellent care. Here is a random sampling of appreciation received in recent months:

Dr. Broderick and catherization team was wonderful and caring.

Both Dr. Cobb and the nursing staff were outstanding! 

Dr. Jafree, Dr. Matsura, and Dr. Peterson are to be commended for their dedication to their patient care, knowledge, and kind manner.

Dr. S. Kadakia has been super for my surgeon and health care. Understanding. Listened and very knowledgeable. Overall, the whole experience was great.

Dr. Snider is an awesome doctor. He always takes his time with you and answers all your concerns.

I always have a good experience at this office with the doctor and his staff. Very pleased with them. This doctor is very professional and couldn't be better. Thank you Dr. Khatib’s office.

I cannot say enough about all the staff – especially my nurses and Dr. Plummly (and his wound clinic staff). I feel so lucky to still have my foot and toe, and I feel so much better – better than I probably have in a year!

Dr. Sadhu and Dr. Tran were great.

Dr. Sharon and my delivery nurse were amazing. I am highly thankful to have had both of them, especially since my premature rupture meant I would not deliver with the OB I saw my whole pregnancy.

I was so lucky to have had Dr. Southerin and his team on call the night of my surgery!

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