Provider Praise: October 2023

Premier Pulse     October 2023

Premier Health patients submit thousands of comments each year acknowledging providers across our health system for delivering excellent care. Here is a random sampling of appreciation received in recent months.

Ramamohan Chunduri, MD, is our trusted, long-term family physician. He is our first call when we need medical attention. We have been with him since 1988, and his staff has always been amiable, helpful, caring, and professional. That says it all.

Kevin Kravitz, MD, was very thorough. 

Sara Berg, PA, is a very special doctor who gives you time to feel comfortable and confident in helping you find information on all your issues. Thanks for your concern and understanding, Dr. Sara Berg. 

Frank Vonmaluski, MD, has always been the best doctor!

Madhumita Saha, MD, is the most conscientious and caring physician I have ever known. She always delivers excellent care and exhibits genuine concern about a patient's well-being. Our family members have been recipients of her medical expertise for decades. She never disappoints and always delivers quality care. I have referred neighbors to her, and they were so pleased to finally find a cardiologist who listened to them and delivered the quality of care they expected. I will continue to refer others to Dr. Saha. She is a true gem in the medical community and a gift to her patients!

Charles Armstrong, PA, gave me extremely good care. I felt bad, and his care and kindness were very much appreciated.

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