Provider Praise: August 2023

Premier Pulse     August 2023

Premier Health patients submit thousands of comments each year acknowledging providers across our health system for delivering excellent care. Here is a random sampling of appreciation received in recent months.

Amy Schimke, MD: Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The cleanliness of the room was great. The doctor's assistant was awesome as well. Short waiting room time to see the doctor is great. Kudos to all. Thank you.

Sara Wilson-Rector, APRN: Excellent medical team, great at asking questions about my family medical history. I feel very lucky to have landed such a team. Sarah Wilson is an excellent caretaker with a great attitude. Lucky to have her.

Seth Kettel, MD, takes the time to listen and thoroughly explain answers to my questions.

Chandan Gupta, MD, is awesome. Is always kind, compassionate and ready to listen. She orders the tests that she feels are necessary and always has your best interest at heart, as does the staff.

Very satisfied with Matthew Lawless, MD, and the staff.

Jeffery Adam, MD, Is the kind of doctor all doctors should be. All around the best in doctor personality!

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