Provider Praise: May 2019

Premier Pulse     May 2019

Earlier this year, Premier Health launched a webpage to publish “Thank You” messages in recognition of National Doctors’ Day. More than 700 messages were submitted by Premier Health employees, as well as many grateful patients, and can be viewed online. 

Here is a random sampling of appreciation received: 

Dr. Jeff (Adam), you are, by far, the best doctor I have ever worked with! Not only are you amazing at what you do, but you are a genuinely kind person. You made my transition from family medicine to ENT (and to a brand new office!!) so smooth and easy. I am grateful that I have you to look up to! I appreciate all you have done for me more than you'll ever know! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks Dr. Mike (Barrow) for taking such good care of my family and I. You always take time to listen and truly care about our health and are the best!

Thank you, Dr. Bachman, for simply being THE BEST! You are so caring and compassionate, and always take the time to explain any and all questions. Couldn't ask for a better OB to deliver my first baby!

I have worked with Dr. Chad for a few years now, and she never ceases to amaze with her compassion. Dr. Chad is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. She gives her patients only the best care and always does what is best for the patient. She is an amazing person and truly one of the best physicians there is. There is no one else I would want taking care of me or my family. I feel truly blessed to be able to work beside someone so amazing.

Thanks Dr. Ditzel and staff!! Cancer is still at bay. Three years now and still getting undetectable!

Thank you everything you do for our patients, Dr. Emile! You are an amazing physician and it is such a pleasure working for you!

Dr. Joe (Garland), I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you as my doctor. You always listen and explain. I know when I come to see you that, whatever is going on, you are going to direct me in the right direction to get it taken care of. I truly appreciate all you do!

Dr. (Amit) Goyal is a very intelligent and sharp doc. He treats more than one family member. We are confident in his knowledge and intellect. Recently, Dr. Goyal helped me to track down an issue I'd been struggling with for several years. I would like to thank him for NOT dismissing me like other docs and helping me to receive treatment. Big Thanks!

Thank you, Dr. Harlan, for all your kindness and caring that you have shown to me over the years and during difficult times. You are always aware of when some of your staff is hurting and you are always there for us!!!!! You are awesome.

Thank you, Dr. Herbert, for being an amazing doctor!

My husband and I want to thank Dr. Imbody from the bottom of our hearts. He is an amazing physician – warm, caring, and always ready to make his patients laugh with his wonderfully kind sense of humor. Dr. Imbody safely delivered our second baby, and I can’t express how relieved I was to see him walk through the door to my hospital room on that day. I knew that I would be receiving the very best care. He listens, and he truly connects with his patients from the heart. Thank you so much, Dr. Imbody!

Thank you, Dr. Jones, for being a compassionate and understanding caregiver. Of the few times our daughter has been sick, we have been able to get same-day appointments and as a parent, that is so reassuring. We couldn't ask for a better pediatrician for our daughter!

I want to thank Dr. Kaufman for being an amazing doctor. She always will listen to you, spend time with you, gives great suggestions about my health, and addresses every issue that I have at that time. Very friendly and makes me feel amazing by saying “You will be OK.” I went through cancer, and her encouragement got me through a lot of hard days. Thank you for everything you do. YOU ARE AN AMAZING DOCTOR.

Dr. Leibold is always great to work with in the emergency department. He always does a great job caring for patients at all the Premier Health emergency locations I have worked with him at. Thank you, Dr. Leibold, for all you do!

Dr. Morales has been my champion for years. I don't want to get too personal about the issues I was having, but they were significant. When I first met him, he immediately put me at ease and offered the surgery I had desperately needed for several years. Years and years later, he detected an issue that required an additional surgery and another specialist. Again, his calm demeanor and caring personality made such a difference for me in taming the anxiety I was experiencing while facing a potentially life-threatening diagnosis.

I am actually a patient at Franklin Family Medicine. I live in Lebanon, but it is worth the drive to their office to have a physician I enjoy and trust so much. He is always pleasant and helpful. His staff is always so kind and courteous. He truly cares and you can tell. I was referred by a coworker and have referred several people myself. I have no question Dr. Ordway is doing the best for me and my family. He also is wonderful with my "not as compliant" family member in finding ways to keep him healthy that he will actually follow. #blessing

Thank you, Dr. Parilo, for everything that you have done over the years! I remember being so nervous coming in for a follow-up after falling off of my diet. I remember you telling me that life happens and being so compassionate. Thank you for the awesome care you have given me for the past several years!

A big thank you to Dr. Ebba Rajab for helping to be a leader in regulatory readiness within the anesthesia surgical areas. Dr. Ebba Rajab is super engaged when we perform spot audits in his area and is proud to show his compliance for patient safety.

Dr. Roelle was my general surgeon who went through my breast cancer journey with me. She was so much more than just a surgeon; she was so compassionate, tender, sensitive, understanding, knowledgeable, supportive and the supreme health care giver who also provided further colleagues through my treatment that were excellent as well. She is who I measure all providers through. Some may come close but none have met her equal and I, my life, will always be indebted to her! Thank you Dr. Roelle from the bottom of my heart! Miss you!

Dr. Sawyers is a joy to work with. Not only is he a great radiologist, but he has a sense of humor that we all love. He gets the work done and keeps us smiling. Patients also enjoy Dr. Sawyers, and he always makes sure they are comfortable with instructions and understand everything they need to for exams. Thanks to Dr. Sawyers for being the light in our day and our patients’ day.

I want to thank Dr. Thurman for the excellent care he gave me on my recent surgery. Before the surgery, he explained everything he was going to do and made sure I understood it. After surgery he came to my hospital room twice in one day to check on me. He was very caring.

From all of us on the Renal Unit, we would like to extend our thanks to YOU, Dr. Ugwu, for your kindness and support of our patients and our team. We truly appreciate and enjoy working with you!!

Thank you, Dr. Waite, for consistently being responsive to my calls/texts. I appreciate your commitment to patients/families and our Social Work/ICM team. Thank you for your willingness to share your expertise on complex cases, and being willing to offer direction when requested. I am grateful and appreciate you!

Dr. Weber, thank you for all you do for your patients. You are always willing to help them in whatever they need. You are a great mentor to all the students and they appreciate your knowledge and patience.

Thanks, Dr. Zabramba, for the great job you do at Miami Valley Hospital North. I appreciate your approachability and partnership in caring for our patients. I can tell you love doing what you do. It's been quite a ride since opening as a new hospital. I'm glad to know we have good and reliable hospitalists here to take care of our patients.

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