Premier Health Launches Penicillin Allergy Testing Clinic

Premier Pulse     March 2022

Premier Health has launched a penicillin allergy testing clinic at Miami Valley Hospital South. This clinic will update, or remove if appropriate, patients’ penicillin allergy labels because these antibiotics are preferred for most infections and have few negative side effects.

How the Clinic Works

Once you refer a patient, our team of pharmacists will reach out to the patient and explain the benefits of being tested, along with the possible negative effects of non-penicillin antibiotics. The patient will be invited to answer a few questions to determine whether the allergy label should stay in the medical record or if the patient would be a candidate for an allergy test at the clinic. If the patient is a candidate, the test will be explained and encouraged. If the patient agrees to testing, the pharmacist will schedule the test to determine allergy status. The scheduled appointment takes one to two hours.

Referring a Patient

Providers can refer a patient by sending a fax. Each referring provider must have a signed collaborative practice agreement on file to refer patients. Referring providers include PAs and nurse practitioners. The pharmacist will initially contact the patient and update the allergy label based on chart review and patient interview. Patients are not charged for this portion of the service.

Please send completed fax agreements and referrals to (937) 341-8340(937) 341-8340.

Test Results

The pharmacist will educate the patient on their test results and share the results with the referring provider.

Have Questions?

Contact Jon Bachna, PharmD, MBA, BCPS at (preferred), EPIC chat, or call (937) 438-2408(937) 438-2408. Available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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